Every game should come with a walkthrough/guide

I think that with every new game you should also be able to have access to a walkthrough for the game. Not for first playthroughs, of course, but to see what would have been the optimal route through the story if you play it a second or third time, I know you can take a look at the code of the game, but you won’t really see what consequences your choices will have later on, or if you will meet the specific requirements for a certain event or ending, so a step-by-step guide to what choices to pick might be the most effective.


I don’t want guides and I don’t want made guides either. Who is to say that x outcome is better than other? There are supposed bad endings that are far more important and epic that the good ones.
And like Author what I should put.? All options are based upon stats other relationship morals… the guide would be more big that some games. And the cost would make game more expensive because the hours needed to do one. also the update of game bugs stats should change guide too.

It is one of things sounds nice but require more effort than is worth it.Of course IAP when you pay a dollar or two maybe. But nobody would buy that.


The task of writing a walkthrough/guide isn’t always on the hand of the writer/author, IMO.

If there’re a reader or player out there willing to document their playthrough and develop it, then they have the capability and right to do it.


Well… any game associated with Choice of Games have a sub-category of their own in which you can sometimes find guides and walkthroughs for the “perfect run” written by other players. There’s no point in writing a guide for a WIP because its still in development and chances are things are going to be changed, tweaked or removed quite a few times before release.

As for having such a choice in the game itself, I guess it would save people the effort of googling it themselves though in my opinion its not really worth the trouble. You want a solution? Then go look for it rather than giving an extra layer of work (and potential expenses) to the author. Yes, because not everyone is willing to make a guide for free.


Then The author editor has to pay for that guide and Carry with negative reaction to WHAT GUIDE SAYS IS FAKE. I DID THAT AND GET OTHER RESULT ZERO RATING.
You can’t post an unofficial fan guide inside game because is not accurate and complete. Being in app means for customers that is officially and correct and so including all possible interactions.

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Well, if there’s a negative/positive/or even any opinion on it, I’ll regard it as a review.

I do create some guides for some games at steam (although not published yet. It’s a Beta game, though) and what I write there is basically "This character is this. They can do this, they suck at this. So don’t do that, but do this"
That kind of stuff.

If what you’re talking about is an unofficial fan guide, inside the official game… well… then it shouldn’t be there.
It’s like, unofficial stuffs inside an official stuff… hehe… got it?
Ok… I know where the door is.

And you could do do ELSEWHERE not in the own official game I have bought. Because some fan opinions aren’t official and what you think is cool and great. I could consider it a bad boring way of play. Being in the games means be OFFERED OFFICIAL AND SO HAVE TO BE TOTALLY TRUTH AND COMPLETE. If not is bad policy and even false information.

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Since a person can always read the code - unless the author wants to (or another volunteer) I don’t think such a thing should be mandatory.


I think it depends on the game. Something really open-ended like Evertree Inn having a guide might kind of defeat the purpose of having a big world to explore how you want.

Maybe if you have a guide for doing a certain things in the game would be helpful. Like, I could not have romanced Hawkins in Mecha Ace without the help of a guide I found online. However having a best guide for every game could be hard, unless the game was like Heroes Rise or Samurai of Hyuga that has something you can max out (legend in Heroes Rise or Attunement in Samurai).


Well that of course depends on the character and the game and how we (get to) roleplay said character.
Both “children of the gods” and “XoR” are games where I can think of “bad ends” that might be more satisfying for me (and my character) on a personal level, rather than what the guide might consider the “golden ending”. Cataphrak also seems like he would be good, even with bad endings.
Most bad ends though are just that, bad.

Don’t we already have this forum (and Youtube if a game becomes popular enough) for those kinds of things and spoilers.?

For me in Dragon race the best ending is the one I say fuck you I am not an stable girl slave of super moron. If That ending had a you kill your abusive mom and start a business like smuggling gods using Your dragon it would be best end ever.

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Zeus, Adonis, Hermes, Apollo, and Eros for sale! cheap black market smuggling prices :back:


Yeah, if, as it stands with the implication that we remain a poor farmer forever, it is a bit unsatisfying. Though my mc would have been less sanguine, towards his adoptive mom than yours. :wink: But, yeah, your “bad” ends sound awesome, my mc would have totally taken the life of a roguish smuggler over being an abused stablehand.
If she wants to write it into the non-beta parts, I wouldn’t object to my character signing on with another team, who hopefully treat him a bit better and having at least a mediocre career as a racer afterwards, now that’s something my mc would sign for. :+1:

Hmm…I want a little more excitement, what’s your cheap, black market rate on Loki? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Loki is such a trickster … the others claimed he came along willingly but the truth of the matter is he was misled and so Mara had to return him to his mother Freya.


I noticed the typo after your post However, is so awesome that I like it better than goods. Flying in a dragon smuggling gods sounds like a good story.

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Literally a guy in Tellius does this… @god thx


What about the games where there are tons,and I mean TONS,of ways to play the game?

Games like Choice Of Robots and Zombie Exodus:Safe Haven.How can you make a walkthrough for games like these,games where you can change practically any aspect of each walkthrough?

You’re better off looking at the code.

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Well, not in a dragon, but on it, I hope? :thinking:
Sorry, couldn’t help myself there, Mara was being (unintentionally) funny there. :joy:

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On it, yes. I’m not implying he fucks his wyvern. I’m also not implying anyone gets eaten by anyone. That’s vore. We don’t talk about that here.

Though there are dragon laguz so technically, one can fuck a dragon, and be a dragon, and also smuggle. So, technically, you can be a dragon inside a dragon who both smuggle, if you want to get deep about this.

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I don’t want get deep in my dragon. I don’t care being deep in some gods … If they are like those Greek statues.

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