To include a walk through or not to?

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this as I’m not sure whether to make one for Oedipus to put somewhere as it’s almost done for submission. I was on the fence about whether to include one on my previous game as well, and found a lot of people seemed to find it very linear from the reviews (even though it had a branching story) so it seems some branches were tricky for to find. Existing HG games don’t come with walkthroughs included though, and it’s not really the traditional thing to do, so what do you think? What are the reasons for or against? Would you use one or avoid it? (Can’t say if I’ll definitely include one or not based on this poll, but I’m genuinely curious as to what everyone thinks. I’m wondering if a forum post walkthrough is the way to go if it’s requested after release.)

  • Nope, games shouldn’t have walkthroughs, it spoils them.
  • Nope, they’re not useful to me/I wouldn’t use one.
  • Nope, I usually only play games once anyway.
  • Games should have a walkthrough in the game freely accessable from the start.
  • Games should have a walkthrough in the game accessable after at least 1 playthough due to spoilers.
  • Don’t include a walkthrough in the game, but have a link somewhere in the game to the forums or other site with a guide listed there.

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Big games…like BW games…or any games like those ? I can use a walktrough . But for choicesofgames , asking peoples in the thread has been most useful . Peoples are willing to help and point you to a solution .

And a walktrough is only good if it’s outside the game . So you read it and follow .

I wouldn’t use it . But if peoples want to…why not .


I think it depends on the story. If you have bad endings, then people are going to want something to guide them through if they can’t seem to get a good one. If there are achievements in the game, it would be good to have so that any achievements that people miss, they know how to get them if they can’t figure it out. If there are romances, and you have to say certain things to trigger them, then people will definitely ask for guidance in order to experience it.

I don’t really see a down side for having one available somewhere. If someone doesn’t want to know, they don’t have to look at it.


I’d wait for about 2 weeks after release and then if it seems warranted from the feedback to go ahead and make one as a separate thread here.

In my experience, the games that benefit from walk-throughs and the related discussions are the games that are stat heavy on plot points.

Lucid’s Daria series is the poster-game for what types I recommend walk-throughs for.

The Forlorn Hope and the Secret Mission sub-plot in Cataphrak’s Dragoon games are examples as well that benefit from walk throughs.

I honestly think anyone seeking a walk through for your Oedipus game is just being lazy.


I think most of them can be worked out fairly easily (I hope!) but there are a couple towards the end which can get a bit tricky with a combo of actions splicing the story in one way or another that could end up getting a little frustrating if you’re trying to hunt down a particular ending and pick the wrong options to get there. Sounds like so far most people are leaning towards the provide a link/forum post option if it’s needed :slight_smile:


I am a role playerThe mere idea of a walk through or being forced to see one is bad for my experience as i don’t want to see other paths or better ways I want feel those paths myself. And only if Something weird happens I will asking if there is a bug about that scene . I don’t like the legendary stuff in Heroes is a way to say THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD PLAY well for me it isn’t for me a game is not a simple number and important is the story a bad ending could be for me more fulfilling that a good that has no sense for my character


I’m personally writing a walkthrough for the romances and endings in my game pretty much as I’m developing the game, almost as a way to outline for myself as well as save myself the work later! I suspect there will be a need because the routes (particularly the romances) depend on very specific choices and approval stats and whatnot. :slight_smile: I’m keeping the achievements hidden in the game but I’ll post their names and descriptions in a guide as well - all on the game’s tumblr!

I think having a walkthrough somewhere IF you predict your game needing it is the best compromise. If roleplayers don’t want to use it, they don’t have to, while replayers could really use it to explore your game’s different paths! I don’t really see a downside to posting it somewhere external. :slight_smile:


Well, there’s a middle ground between “everything is spoilers” and having a full, step-by-step walkthrough. That’s one of the uses for achievements, after all. Especially if you’re worried that players might be missing out on major possible branches. And like rinari said, if you’re super worried about the achievement names being spoilery… Well, for one thing, that’s why they’re in a separate screen. No one has to see them who doesn’t want to.

On the whole, I usually appreciate “tips and tricks” more than exact step-by-step walkthroughs. But that’s also because I appreciate branching choices that can be reached in several ways. Of the style of “you must have x romance points to unlock this path”, not of the style of “this romance unlocks only if you chose this exact chain of extremely specific dialog options”. So… it depends on how cunningly hidden your branching is.


I think there should be a place for those who want it (so, no need for it to be there for those who don’t, role players etc). Having said that… In my own games I’m not sure what is the way to bear them (especially on the higher difficulty settings). For example, in Tokyo Wizard a friend (who is crazy about finding each path) told me finally that some “impossible” endings were actually possible, while others were not).


I accidentally voted for something other than I intended. I meant to pick the first option! :sweat:

Generally I don’t want walkthroughs since they tend to spoil a lot. But having the option to look at one when you’re stuck/can’t progress with the game would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face: