Every game should come with a walkthrough/guide

Well in a dragon could also mean that, well the dragon has devoured you first. So kids remember to never accept the “nice” dragons help of carrying you inside, over the border, unseen. :wink:

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Here in a dragon means bang repeatedly the dragon. For the scary kids we use enter in the wolf mouth. Until in 80s the Spanish gay and music culture make a great parody of Red riding hood. When she was a drag queen and the wolf was a hairy strong bi man. The song is hilarious… and rock and roll. But dunno American culture is too conservative for Spanish songs. In Spanish is singing by kids in Trump America should be like deviant america The name is Caperucita feroz … Ferocius Red riding hood You Know I know is of topic but I don’t know where should go the song … I know it looks like in Spain were all singers gays and trans and bis in 80s…It was not but after 40 Francisco Franco bullshit well we get a bit crazy with everything really . Like If you let Spanish people go crazy after being like in medieval inquisition times … We are little more passionate than rest of the world really…


Back to the original topic. I don’t think games should come with official walkthroughs. Two reasons:

  1. For big, open-world games like Tin Star, a walkthrough detracts from the excitement of playing. Part of the fun in those games is going wherever your choices take you rather than striving towards a specific goal. It’s exciting. A walkthrough would sort of ruin that.

  2. For more linear games like ‘Life of a Wizard’–well, an official author-made walkthrough would mean that we wouldn’t need to ask each other for help. And I really enjoy being in this small community of active, engaged gamers that work together to get achievements and such.


I would settle for the requirement that games list requirements before checks so it doesn’t take guesswork as to what it will take to get to the outcome you want if you restart.

This is exactly why I am against achievements in principle - if you want me to tell you how to play your game why not just watch a Twitch or YouTube vid of me doing so?

An achievement works best when it is spontaneous and organically awarded - you reward a reader/gamer for playing the game the way they want.



A guide would kill the excitement of multiple playthroughs imo

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