Error in Heroes: Rise

I got an error what you wouldn’t expect but yeah.

Error: line 27: label ‘clip’ already defined on line 26

I got this when i needed to choose who black magic looks like

Strange. I never got an error when playing. Where are you playing the game?

I play on my Ipod

Generally speaking the more information you provide the easier it will be for someone to fix the problem.

So I’d suggest detailing out which version of Heroes Rise you have. I take it that’s the apple itunes store version? Hence why I’ve not had the problem since I bought it in the google store and that version seemed fine, as did the one on the choice of games site.

Does the bug happen every time you play? Both male and female?

You may want to email the choicescript support or hope @jasonstevanhill notices the thread and can tell what’s gone wrong.

I just played through (apple version, latest update) and didn’t encounter the error. Maybe it was the choices you made? Either way, nothing went wrong in that play through

Note: tried straight and gay path, guy and girl

Weird im trying it again but this time it isn’t there

And now it is back!
Its like:

Error: hello
Me: what
Error: *hides*
Me: ok

Next day

Me: its gone yeeeeeeeeeeh

Next day

Error: hello
Me: what
Error: *hides*
Me: not again

Does it occur every time you play the game? Does it matter which options you pick? You may want to try and detail out as much as possible about the error to see if they can help find a fix for it.

@PORT3R: The line error is a reference to a specific line in a file which can’t be identified from the report. There just isn’t enough information. If you can state what was going on in the game just before the error occurred (including the last choice you made/button you clicked on) that would not only help identify the file with the suspected bug, but also allow others to see if they can reproduce the error. That’s the first step in bug-fixing, being able to reproduce the error.

Im trying something so wait

I deleted the game and installed it again and it seems to be gone now