English reviser

Hello, I am Eva. I have experience as programer.
Right now i am writting my own book. I want to make a free interactive book series, so I am looking for people with native english knowledge who can help me reading the .txt file I will send to him/her. I am working for free, so the help must be for free to XD .

I may need help on finding new fittable expressions or gramatical correction for my texts. My native languages are Spanish and Catalan/Valenciano. I have learnt a bit of chinnese to. so i am pretty used to foreign languages, yet I would like someone could help me with copyediting.

As programer I am willing too to accept new works. If there are some writter who finds the choiceScript programing too hard :smiley: I can translate into ChoiceScript, but I must LIKE the story. If anyone wants help, just have to tell.

I am finishing today (at least on sunday) my first chapter, the startup–>Intro.

Hey I can help you Eva

I live in England

But am English Jamaian

I would love to help

I am writing my own book to

I would also be very happy to help you out! I’m a native English speaker and live in Australia.

Wow, great, If i am not wrong, jamaian english its half british english, half american english and australian is australian english XD.

So much thanks, here you have my email: soy105rahziel@gmail.com

I will send you the original startup.txt file. Now I am starting to write the next chapter.

The main story is separated on 4 completly different sub stories. Its supposed that the reader, reading one of the paths will be able to know almost all the main history, but each one has its own main secrets.

Please, give your opinion about my pharasing style. Its my first time writing a text longer than 100 words out of academical context (excluding youtube comment section and geek forums XD )