Endorse an WIP and support the writers

I dont know if this have been discussed before but I was just thinking that this would be a great ideal. Ok so we should have a system to endorse WIP’s because I know writers have families and lifestyles to support and cant spend too mush time on their books. But with endorsements it could help them with their process and even encourage them once they see people really support their work. My roommate is an Modder and he constantly mod things for Nexus and he gets an great amount of support when he mods for Skyrim, he’s not breaking the bank but from what he says it’s enough to make his mod’s better and faster knowing people support his dream. So this is just my little suggestion maybe it would work maybe not… Smiley face emoji!!!


I think this is a great idea.

Supported; definitely.

Yes please~
I’ve seen WIPs fall through because of money constraints IRL, so I hope something like this will lessen the chance of that happening.

There is the possibility of getting an advance if you hit certain goals if you pitch the game to Choice of Games and that pitch is accepted. They only accept pitches from published authors though, which I think is wise since it means they’re investing in people with a proven track record of getting things finished.

The majority of works in progress on the forums won’t ever be finished. It’s not a matter of just money but a number of other factors. I say people should prove themselves first, they should complete a project, get it published. Then they have something of value, they’re getting paid for their work, and they can put that money towards making their next project.

Which isn’t to say I don’t think it’s possible. Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the various other crowdfunding sites do that sort of thing. I think people could always try and set up one of those.


As someone with a WIP, I support this. :wink:

Well, I do think if they’re going to be getting an advance like that, there should be some sort of contract. With constants and CoG taking an interest in what could be published.

If I put money to something, I would want it at a good level of quality within deadlines. Although I’d prefer to put money to something after it’s been published.

Just my thoughts anyway.

I just don’t think that we, as regular forum users, are really in a place to be supporting works in progress with money. We can certainly give moral support but I think financial support starts getting sticky.

Would Choice of Games be liable if the author doesn’t complete the game since they gathered funds on the Choice of Games forum? Writers do need to be held accountable. Also, if they’re being given money to make a game using choicescript, then does Choice of Games take a cut of that money as they do any sales from games using their codebase?

I would expect that the person should use a system like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise money and finance their game. Again, if they do does Choice of Games get a cut of that funds?

If a person is confident enough in their idea and that they will finish it then they can pitch it to Choice of Games and go through the process that the other authors do. They’ll be held accountable there, given a contract, a series of goalposts they need to reach.

I think the best support the forums can give is moral support, the occasional contest, suggestions, advice, and the promise to buy the game once it’s complete.


These are all good points. Despite my earlier support of the idea, I do see how it could become a messy situation fast.

Hmm, yes. After some thoughtful input from @anon11888245 and @FairyGodfeather, I’ve kinda rethought my stance on this. I think it’s a good idea in theory, but it would be hard in practice.

On a similar topic http://gamerant.com/kickstarter-video-game-failure-rate/ and http://www.gamebreaker.tv/news-main/pc-2/developers-abandon-unfinished-steam-greenlight-game-towns-after-grossing-more-than-2-million-in-sales/

I don’t think our writers need that sort of pressure, especially not when there’s actually already a system in place for them to get funding.

I do think it’s an idea that comes from a good place though, with the best intentions to help those on the forums doing WIP. But I think that first finished game, even if it’s a short game the length and complexity of Choice of the Dragon, is a must before we start handing over cash.

I know, I know, I’m sounding like a broken record. And you can bet if the writer of my favourite game returned to the forum I’d be “here take all of my money, now finish please!”

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I think rather than crowd funding it’s more useful in the long run to give feedback. There are many people on the forums who give great feedback both positive and critical. Our games are constantly improved thanks to fan feedback. However I know there are lurkers out there, people who play and enjoy/dislike our games but don’t comment. All I would say is; if you (dis)like a game let the author know. Let us know what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. Both are key to the journey of making awesome interactive fiction.