Emperor's Rebirth (WiP) 12/19 Edits Update

Demo OUT - 12/12
Prologue has been completed! - 12/13
Updated Stats Screen! - 12/13
Ch.1 nearly done, lots of text added and given options to choose your Art. No Female Edits done yet. - 12/14
Lots of edits and changes, added one more art! Nothing new to story yet. No Female edits yet. - 12/15
Just edits -12/19

STATUS: It ends after choosing your power on Ch.1
THINGS TO COME SOON: Female Protag. Edits, Relationships, ???


Game will have a Chinese background with some English stuff mixed in a bit. Names, artifacts, places, certain creatures, sects will all be in Chinese English (is that even a word, well you know what I mean when you see their names). Names will use Surname, First name order.
I will use Second-person and a bit of the other perspectives at times.

Summary: Our Protagonist…poor, alone and being chased enters a dangerous cave and manages to snag a treasure?! Little does our Protag. know…this treasure would put him/her into a long winding road in life that would forever change their path in life. Living for hundreds of thousands of years but this was not their wish or doing…with time comes change and he/she matures mentally. Raising countless legends, learning and reading countless books and scrolls and flying through countless dangerous places, but always in the shadows. Longing for the day of freedom that day perhaps might be close…That brings us to our current story where the Protag. finally regains control but not without some problems.

Any suggestions or edits, please don’t be afraid to say them!


I personally would enjoy the Chinese background more.


I also would like the Chinese background, so long as it avoids orientalist stereotypes/racism.

I came here thinking it would be the same ol’ conquering. In that case i would rather pick English.
But since it isn’t, i vote for Chinese.

So since the summary is all male pronoun does this mean its genderlocked male?


My advice would to write using second person pronouns like “you”.

However, you can use first person perspective as a method to engage the reader and make them associate the choices they make with the persona they want to adopt. It is a matter of the reader going through the adventure as an active participant rather than a passive observer hearing about what’s going on.


But you is second person.


I think you should merge Chinese and English cultures. It would be original and make your story stand out

Question: Will we always be male?

Also for third or first person I would choose one at random for the demo and wait for more people to give their opinions. I personally prefer third person narration in COG but some people prefer the opposite and others simply don’t care.

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I vote chinese setting. As per standard, most games around here use second person speech but you can use whichever you like. Second person makes it look like you’re telling a tale while the other makes it more personal for the reader. Are we going to be able to customize our character and their gender or is it locked to male?

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English and Chinese mix might be interesting, especially if the relation were patterned off of the relationship between the Chinese and the Jurchens, Khitai, or Manchu.


Seems like Chinese background is the most popular. Mixing Chinese and English will be a bit hard, but I will incorporate some English mythological creatures + races, plus this is a fictional story so there will be fictional races. Won’t be any real life races in this at all and besides race will NOT be dominant at all here.

Regarding gender issue, I was only going to make it gender locked to Male as I have no experience at ALL in doing any female protagonists and I’m more comfortable doing Male protagonists…This could change depending on if it’s highly wanted and if you guys can tolerate my writing here.

Concerning first, second and third it seems I might go with second as the majority of the games here I played are second person. Unless first or third person is more appealing then I can also switch up first - second maybe even third.

Regarding the story and expanding on it this will NOT be about conquering in the truest sense, sure I will probably use stats to gauge the readers ability to be able to do certain things like if you’re a brute force person or thinking through person. Also I forgot to say this but this world will be a dog eat dog world and the strong rule the weak. It’ll sort of be dark in certain parts.


I personally prefer being what I am which is female but that does not mean I would be apposed to being a male. I mean lord of aswick was by far my favorite game on here and you were gender locked as male in that

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Edited my comment to clarify my statement.

@UnknownVariable hey what do you want to do? What do you feel like doing? Remember we may test the game and help with bugs or grammar and spelling errors but that is all, it is still your game. Have fun with it and make it shine then people will want to be apart of it.

p.s. Are humans not going to be a playable race? I’m going off your last post where you said “Won’t be any real life races in this at all”. Also “races”?

Well you play as a human in this and what I meant by any real life races I’m referring the races in real life like Asians, Americans, Blacks and so on. Humans to me is considered a species.

Races wont be a big deal as all humans are what you call the “same” and that they’re humans. The races I meant in my story will be elves, demons, stone people or the like.

First person, but whatever you find easier to do friend

when I reach part where mc wake up in (maybe)in future there error 404 are it is not yet made?:confused: BUT great story there,still confused and curious about what that pill and dead bird mean:grin:

This sounds very similar to a book called emperor domination. Did you get inspired by it?

Haha indeed. I’m glad somebody here knows it. While I’m looking that as a base for my beginning, the rest will be different.

I’ll unravel those secrets in the future! Also regarding the error it’s because I left it there unfinished. I’ll finish up the prologue and begin Ch.1 tomorrow.

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