Elemental Alliance (WIP)

Just posted an explanation of stats on Tumblr! Some of my stats are similar (looking at you, loyal and dutiful), so I help this helps clear up some of the differences and makes the available options more clear. These explanations will be available on the stat page when I post the next chapter (I have 3/6 RO family introductions finished!).


Hey, quick question for you guys. As I’ve been writing, I’ve been referring to family members of the ROs just through their titles. I know I have trouble keeping names straight, so it helps me if a story avoids a sudden influx of named characters. Plus, you’d probably only refer to important politicians with their title and last name. On the other hand, I don’t know if that breaks verisimilitude for you guys if you don’t know the names for characters. So, if you have a chance, please fill out this poll, so that I know if I should edit in names for the more important family members of the ROs?

  • Yes, add names.
  • No, just keep titles.
  • I’m indifferent.

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Big update! Chapter One has been uploaded! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

(I will be going back and adding names, but I wanted to share what I have :slightly_smiling_face:)


The story has been updated so that NPC now stands for Named (non)Playable Character! Hope you guys enjoy the new names for family members!


Just finished the demo, and enjoying it so far. Was a little confused by the elemental correspondences at first, but one I’d gone through enough of the demo to flesh out the MC, it made sense. Was highly amused that the RO I liked the most was also the one that had the highest trait opposed to the typical for my tribe (my MC was from the magic Xochtl tribe, but high Adaptive, so fell in with the Qa’ippur RO). So while it might be odd at first, the correspondences to appear to work in the end.

And yeah, this does remind me of Avatar: the Last Airbender, but since I’m more a fan of Korra, I may end up quoting Varrick from time to time

Oh, and I’m getting an error in the save drop-down. In each of the three normal slots, it says “Error: Bad Slot - Has smPlugin been included?”


Saving is working for me, so I think the problem might be on your end? Has anyone else had issues with this?

Also, the info page about the plug-in says this:

Uses browser localStorage to store/restore generated between browser sessions on the same computer/device. Older browsers, some mobile browsers etc do not support localStorage.

If a browser doesn’t support localStorage the system shouldn’t stop your game from working, it’ll only inform the player they can’t save - not actually “crash” - let me know if it does.

I wonder if this is the problem?

Doubt it. I can save without issue in every other game I play. The problem is only with this one.

Hmm… the save system is working just fine for me.

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Well, whatever the problem was, seems to be fixed now.

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Wow, I’m loving this demo! I’m not even sure who I was to romance at the moment, everybody’s so attractive to me.

Time will tell…I might just take up my parent’s offer in being in more than one alliance :eyes:

I do have a question though. Some parts of the game say “your parents and mother” or other similar wording. Is that an error, or do I have three parents for some reason?

Also, is one parent non-binary? I don’t have a problem with it, but I was just curious! I love all the options, including things around gender and attraction. Shaping up to be a very inclusive game so far.

Can’t wait to keep up with the progress!


afaik, your parents are randomized every playthrough! you can have either 2 or 3 parents, and each’s genders are variable (m, f, nb). official poly arrangements seem to be pretty accepted in this universe!

sounds like in your playthrough, you have 2 nb parents and 1 mother!


You can actually have 1-3 parents, although 2 is most common! And yes, the genders (and the number of parents) are randomized. I figured that in the real world, you don’t get to choose your parents, so I felt justified in randomizing the number and genders (it was a fun little coding exercise). Also, I thought it really helps with the worldbuilding by not just telling, but showing how all relationships are accepted (including not being in a relationship, your parent might be single). And yes, I use the term “parent” for nonbinary parents, so you have two nonbinary parents and a mother.

Adoption is common, especially for nobles who don’t wish to have children, as there is magic that helps “adopt” someone into your bloodline (for a world that depends so much on Houses and Heirs, there would definitely be a way to do that). And I’ve also envisioned that there is some sort of process utilizing surrogates/donors and magic to allow same-sex/nonbinary/poly couples to have biological children, if they wish.


A dating/political alliance simulator? Count me in! :popcorn:

I think what you have so far flows very well :blush:, I did get a bit lost with meeting so many people at once but I’m sure once we get a bit more individual time with each RO it’ll be easier to keep track of them in my mind. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m also very intrigued to see how the “change gender at any time” is going to play out, in regards to ROs :thinking:

Some things I noticed

Here, I only had one mother, but one of the choices seems to suggest multiple parents, and in the text she is addressed as “them”:

Here, I think something’s a bit odd with the “if you just be yourself” sentence — I’d reword that bit, or at least remove the “and” afterwards.

Here, I think since the parent is speaking throughout, the quotes shouldn’t be split in two. If that is hard to code because some of the text is variable, you could possibly add some narration in between the fragments to avoid this issue.


Thanks for the good notes! Good catches on all three! (On the last part, you managed to pick the one option that has that error. Every other option was grammatically correct :sweat_smile:)

And the gender-changing is already in place! You can change your gender or the gender of an RO at any time, in the “Options” tab of the Stats page. The RO’s won’t change genders unless you choose to make that change, but I think I’ll try to add a genderfluid secondary character.

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Hi Bee, I loved the demo and can’t wait to see future updates. I wanted to know if any poly relationship will be there or all will be monogamy?

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Hi! So it’ll be possible to form a poly relationship with any two of the ROs. I’m poly, so it’s important to me to have lots of poly options.

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Awesome :weary:

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This is really great! I think it’s probably the most diverse IF I’ve seen on here, both in terms of NPC’s gender identity and sexuality. I also noticed a lot of the characters aren’t… uh, white? which I really appreciate as a WOC.

I can tell a lot of thought and care has been put into this and I’m really excited to see how it develops!

I already have a soft spot for C, so I’m really hoping C’s not just super friendly with MC because their house is weakening :pleading_face:

Also, just curious: When the MC’s parent asks if MC “clicked” with anyone yet, what is the impact of our responses? I know in some other stories, questions like that tend to be locking us into paths, but since it’s so early in the story, I assumed we’re still able to explore all six ROs at this point…


They do have a crush on MC, which is probably why they turned down everyone else.

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cool, thanks for answering! I was already liking the dynamic, I just wanted to make sure nothing was going wrong :grin: