"Editor: Is Null"


Whenever I attempt to gain access to create a game, it pops up like it is working but then states “editor is null” and no matter how long I wait it still sits there on that same screen with the bar saying it’s loading. Is there something I can do to get around this?


This sounds more like a JavaScript error than actual ChoiceScript. When you say “gain access to create a game” what exactly do you mean by that? Which file are you trying to run / load, which folder is it in, and what are you trying to run / load it with?

It may be helpful if you could also list the steps you’ve taken so far so we have a better idea of where you’re up to (and so be able to hazard a guess at what the problem might be).


There’s an ‘editor’ that could throw editor errors in the IDE.
If you’re using that, make sure you’re using the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome and ensure that you’re not in incognito or private mode and/or don’t have cookies and local data storage disabled.

If you’re not using the IDE, see @Vendetta’s answer.