Editing, modding...cheating?

Is Choice of Rebels editable? I have tried repeatedly on Firefox to change my wealth but it always results in some error with JSON.parse. Can anybody help me?

Choicescript games are “compiled” into JSON “object” files which are a little harder to read, but run more efficiently then straight text files. New lines are replaced by commas in a JSON file, and the line number of every label present in the file is listed at the end of the file. So to add a line you’ll need to add a comma along with your double quote-enclosed text, but be warned that If you add a line to the file it will throw the line numbers of all the labels that follow off by the number of lines you added. So if you use a text editor to add 1 line somewhere in between the 4th and 5th label, you’ll need to add 1 to the line numbers listed at the end of the file for every label starting with the the 5th onward.

BTW, if you can find a point in the code where the wealth variable is already being adjusted, you can greatly increase it easily enough by just changing the number without adding new lines and worrying about adjusting JSON’s internal book-keeping. That’s quite a bit easier for someone who is unfamiliar with coding.

If I recall correctly, you can also move all of the JSON files to another folder which will cause choicescript to open up the original text files instead which are much easier to edit. It’s been several years since I’ve played with this however, so I may be forgetting something important about doing it this way.


I’m such a dork sometimes I have overlooked the simple solution. Here I was using tools to turn the .txt into .json and then hoping the game would still run and tweaking it until it did. :crying_cat_face:


I’m really inexperienced with coding and was wondering if you can perhaps explain more in-depth for me. I am uncertain on how to access the JSON files for the games on a browser or how to add lines. I usually edit a game by editing the local storage for the game. If this is to much to explain can you perhaps offer advice on what to learn about to give me a better grasp on how to edit the games.

Can you tell me how?


So I recently tried using your method for a Steam game but found myself stumped by the following error: “ERROR: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘app.asar’”
I looked into it and this arises from the folder you’re trying to extract to/from not having an app.asar.unpacked file, but this clearly exists in the files for the game I’m trying to edit, Heroes of Myth. There’s no further advice online and this has left me quite irritated, so I was wondering if you had any advice?

Best regards, Eldrad.

You could try this plugin for 7zip http://www.tc4shell.com/en/7zip/asar/

Hey! Thanks for the quick reply.

I actually already downloaded it but I’m having some trouble with the installation. It asks that you place it in the 7-Zip installation folder but there doesn’t seem to be such a thing as far as I can tell, if you know the file path for 7-Zip I’d be much obliged as I can’t seem to find any information for it anywhere.

Well, on my PC it’s in C:\Program Files\7-Zip then I make a folder in there called Formats and drop the 64bit dll and restart 7zip.

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Oh damn, I clearly need to edit my own personal perception stat, it must be at 5% or something at this point, ha. Thank you very much.

How would I do that on the Choice of Games Store? They do not have any game files for their games online. I can access the code itself, but I cant edit it for any of their games. How would we be able to modify the game? Do we simply just copy the game’s code in choice script or something like that to make it a file?

I think I found a way to mod in the phone

How would you do it? I used an android phone and I’ve tried but I just… Can’t…

You have to use an app called apk editor

Unzip/ unpack the apk.

Go into web, mygame, scenes.

Ignore the .txt files, edit the (cancerously hard to edit properly) .json respective files (e.g. change *create money 100 to *create money 10000 in the .json file.)

Re-zip, resign/ turn zip into apk.

Run the modified app.


Also now don’t report errors to COG/HG, deal with then yourself (you’d think this would be obvious) and don’t be a dick to the creators by sharing the modified apk with people who haven’t bought the game


To do it in phone you have to download apk editor, choose full edit to the apk, go to startuptxt.json, change whatever you want(*create ), save the edited json file, extract it (better extract it outside), get out of the apk, choose simple edit ( it should be marked as file replacement), replace the original startuptxt.json with the edited one, save the apk ( it should be below ), then install it. ( DON’T SHARE THE APK WITH PEOPLE WHO DIDN’T BUY IT and thank you, also excuse my English I’m not a native speaker)

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To be clear though, you don’t really need any 3rd party apps.

Method 1)
Unzip the apk. You can do this yourself at the very least by viewing t he apk file on a laptop.

Then edit

Then rezip and resign into apk (I use zipsigner but manually changing extension should work)

Then run.

Method 2)

Unzip game.

Import .txt files into a game editor/ IDE

Run it, edit it, do what you want


I have encountered a problem
The editor dosent let me select apks from aps shutting down outright
Also it dosent see some games
Any advice?

How many gigabytes in RAM your phone has

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