Editing, modding...cheating?

Hi, I want to know how I can access the game files to mod the games.
I love them but after finishing a game I love to replay them and cheat a little (like maxing all stats)
to feel powerful.
Now I know there are a lot of people who will want to tell me off about this. (everyone has there own way to enjoy games)
I’d also like to know where my save game files.

Thanks for any friendly response in advance.
And sorry if you don’t agree with me.(or if I broke a code of conduct on this forum).


I honestly doubt anyone would allow that, since you would be able to distribute their game illegally.


This is the kind of question you’ll need a moderator to answer - as far as I know the topic has never been broached before. @jasonstevanhill - if you could spare some time to clarify…?


Technically it’s only classed as cheating if you’re trying to make the game easier, otherwise it’s expanding game play, but that’s just a minor quibble on my part.

I’ve modded a few COG games before, it’s pretty straightforward and relatively easy compared to some other games (I’m looking at you Eador) you just use a file opening program, I use 7-zip. Open the desired games application file with it and extract all the files in it to a new folder. If it’s “maxing all stats” that you’re after then just go into Scenes and edit the Startup files, both of them and set yourself a 100 stats in each and that should do the trick. Though sometimes the stat is a percentage between two things, in which case setting ti 0 might be required for the desired outcome.

After that save everything and run the Index web file, I use Firefox, mostly because it has all the tools I need to mod facebook games and because Chrome has a built in tracker that monitors your browsing activity and their pro-advertising. Other browsers might work okay too.

I hope this helps you in your future modding endeavors.


In app billing error. Anyone care to tell me how to solve that one ?

You wouldn’t be the first user to modify the game files to make the game easier.

Looking at the code and fiddling with it is actually a great way to learn choicescript. Now, I don’t think we’d allow for distributing those modded files to other people. They’d be for your own personal use.

You can access the game files if you’ve purchased the game on Chrome, or on the Choice of Games website. If you’ve purchased it on any other platform I don’t think there’s a way to actually access them.

I generally like playing a game through a few times and then I’ll read the code so I can see everything.

I’ve no idea where the saved files are on Steam. The ones everywhere else are hosted on choice of games own save server. You can’t access those or fiddle with them (or even delete them).

@Farsight Oh? Does that work on games of what platform?


i can only use steam :frowning:

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It works for the PC and I use Steam.


I also use Steam, you can find the game files along these lines, just click the folder of the game that you want to modify.

“K:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common”

Depending on how many hard drives you’re using and what version of windows your using the given pathway doesn’t change by much.


thanks you found it.

@Farssight i get app billing error, Can you tell me what im doing wrong ? i was actually followed your instruction, but when i actually launch it throught the index.html. in firefox , and it gives me app billing error.

You won’t be able to save modifications to the Application using 7-zip.

You should be doing things in this order.

Left Click the application in it’s folder and then Right Click it and select 7-zip.
Choose the Extract option from the drop down menu and choose where you want to send it, presumably to a new folder somewhere else.
Open that folder and then open index and it should run in the Web Browser without you needing to set it.
If that works out, then you could try some scene editing.

Try the above and tell me if you’re still running into complications.


i run to problems at index.html wheteever i edit it or not. its weird, with other game i got errors, but it run, but this i cant even run it.

That is very strange, what was the game?

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Sabres of infinity.(btw nice Academagia portrait :slight_smile: )

i am intrigued by this post… is the method only available to browsers and not the ios apps?.. i mainly buy cog/hg on my iphone…


You can change up the android/kindle versions, as long as you know how to unpack .apk files (and some good apps that change the locations of files). Not sure if you can repack them and play them on the original platform, but you can definitely modify them.

It should theoretically be possible, as long as you can plug your iOS device into your computer and browse all the files on it.

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does it need to be jail broken to be able to see those files?..

it doesnt. since you extract the apk to pc, and edit it there. but i tried it and it is not possible to install it changed. hell i dont know how to run these edit things, and playing gamebook as text file is hardly comfortable.

No. You’d have to edit the Sabres files themselves to get the stats you want. I’d tell ya how, but I only just figured out where I can go to read a game’s code.