A thought on Hollywood Visionary and cisgenderism

I’ve been thinking about a scene near the end of Hollywood Visionary, the one where you get dragged in front of Congress as part of a Communist witch hunt.

I haven’t looked at the game’s code to verify this, but it feels like things are “easier” if you identified yourself as cisgendered during character setup.

I suspect other factors are involved as well, such as rejecting the script changes or helping the guy who got blacklisted, but if your preferred form of address is different than the physical shape you chose (I.E, you chose a shape that is male but wanted to be addressed as ‘miss’ lastname), you either have to roll over and accept the congressional committee calling you something you don’t identify with, or earn their disrespect and ire when you insist to be referred to as you wish.

While this sort of thing makes some of us cringe nowadays, it’s pretty accurate, historically speaking.

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I’d check the code first to be sure that’s what’s happening. Actually I’d be checking the code myself to be sure but I don’t own Hollywood Visionary. Check the code! I’m really curious as to see if this is happening or not.

I can’t check the code, or I would have. At least, I don’t know how to check the code. I didn’t make Hollywood Visionary.

Yes, I know you didn’t make it.

What platform do you own it on?

Sarcasm was unexpected and not particularly appreciated, but whatever.

Can you just do the /scenes/startup.txt thing with CoG games on PC as well?

I wasn’t being sarcastic. I don’t understand why you’d say that.

It depends on what version of the game you have. If you purchased it from the website then yes you just do scenes/startup.txt.

If you purchased it from google play

If you purchased it on Steam you need another programme to view the files. I use 7-zip. Farsight has some posts on this thread explaining how. Editing, modding...cheating? - #3 by Taleweaver

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Sarcasm is difficult to detect via text. I was being unnecessarily confrontational. Thanks for telling me that the dropbox trick works for games on the website as well, I am going to check the code when I’ve had a little caffiene and a short walk.

Yes, it is actually happening.

the game decides the outcome of the congressional hearing by a variable called ‘commie’. Asking to be referred to by your preferred title increases it. The interrogator also adds accusatory clauses if you are homosexual, trans, female, a known communist, or if your film is edgy in any way.

I try not to use sarcasm on these forums and also assume that other people are being serious too. Unless there’s smilies involved. Because yes, sarcasm is really difficult to read.

Oh, that’s interesting. Does it also trigger if you take an affectation opposite to your gender expectations? Like a woman with a moustache, or a man wearing makeup?

As far as I can tell, no.

Funny how a lot of the things that increase the commie variable are stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with communism; the most blatant being refusal to give in to naked threats against your colleagues, rejecting the demanded script changes (a matter of artistic integrity), and of course happening to not be a hetero cisgender man.

Goes to show how bullshit the Red Scare was. Should be an option:

Explain to the court your love of apple pie and baseball, proving you can’t possibly be a communist.
*set commie %-major
*set commie %-major


Spoiler tags are close to godliness.

Duly tagged. My apologies.

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You love apple pies?

You dirty frog loving Communists! Don’t you know apples are french!

I think that belongs in the politics thread.