Dropbox DMCA take-down notices

Yup, looks like that’s the case, any minor adaption will fix the problem. Undo it…and back to error world we go.

So not to mess with any codes or the likes just added “or” between like it? Hate it? Message in index. Back to coding I go then…well bed…long day…

I tweaked index.html in the official version up on github, so anyone who upgrades to that should be able to upload to Dropbox freely.

(We still have no idea why Dropbox flagged our index.html as a piracy violation, but this workaround should be effective.)


Hope it can be resolved. Might be many ‘old’ links affected that still host good games, but the author is not around at the moment. :+1:

The new dropbox update has disabled public folders for new users. I am not sure if there is already a post about this so i didn’t make a topic on this. But this may cause problems for anyone new who wishes to publish a game.

so is dropbox the best way to post demos? I have never used it before but seems pretty simple…

Unless you’ve had a drop box for a while, I personally recommend Webs.com now that we have the complied option.

Unless I am mistaken you also need to pay for Dropbox now to have a ‘Public Folder’ – that is, so others can access your game. If you have an old account, you should have it already, though, but not new users.

If I am mistaken, someone please correct me. :relaxed:

@Reaperoa oh…so how does it work? and no I have never used dropbox… are there any other options?

Work around for Public folder is here

@CaesarCzech have you actually tested that out?

And if it is a workaround, it may not work ‘soon’, if they modify their site (intentionally or not).

Plus, it is a bit of a grey area, is it not? :wink:

As for alternatives, I don’t know. If I ever reach that stage I will have my own site any way (guaranteed to work, plus can put other stuff there).

i never claimed its Pope Aproved


Thanks for sharing it though

Oh, Falling Skies… What, not that Pope? :grin:

It works just fine, it’s how we’ve been getting compiled games working for a while now.
Still, you’re right, there’s always the risk of them ‘fixing’ it - though that would do them more harm than good I think.

I’m just glad CoG found a workaround so quickly. I’ve been using Dropbox for years, professionally and personally, and was seeing visions of being banned and losing my free Public folder. I was seriously panicking that day - none of the sites like Google Drive were working for me and I haven’t figured out the compiler.

One of the people playing my game offered me space on his server; I have that in my back pocket in case of another Dropbox problem. Reaching out to some people with their own hosting capabilities is a fantastic solution, if you can find them.

Absolutely, it would do them more harm than good – but then, I don’t think this ‘automated scan for pirated stuff via a robot-crawler’ did them any good either, since CoG have no issue with any of these now blocked games.

So, I hope CoG can talk sense into them, because some old demos (or full games even) are still blocked, no doubt, and the author is not around at the moment. Whether DB can fix it since it is done via some scanner remains to be seen…

It’s good to be making stuff people like.

Turns out, one of our customers works at Dropbox in the compliance department. He’s reviewed the various notices, read this thread (!), and reversed the takedown commands.


And thank you Sean!


Actually, it might be me. Awhile back I wrote them an email full of the Wrath of God. They sternly told me that I would have to swear a formal statement in order to be a witness to the fact that the takedown request was ridiculous.

I did in fact swear, upon penalty of perjury, that it was totally fricking ridiculous and sent them a few links, including one to this thread.

Sean, and another buddy of his doing Dropbox DMCA compliance whose name I forget, wrote me back today saying they had investigated my suspicious claim, and found that in fact, I was correct that the Choice of Games copyright page was not breaking anyone else’s copyright. :unamused:

If I have misunderstood and Sean is also a fan, rock on, Sean. :tada: …Or someone else in compliance? Dropbox works in mysterious ways.


Lol Might be me i saw Crude variation of official Choice of games games on forum,(Essentially warez copy of i Believe Choice of romance) i send the DMCA, but Dropbox being idiots taken down Whole choice of games, Sorrry People i underestimated corporate dumbaserry.

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