Dropbox discontinuing rendering of HTML content

Got a reply email. They replied "At this time, Sync does not support the ability to launch html files like it does in a browser."

So I’m waiting on a response from sync.com :confused: fingers crossed. I feel like it might be a 50% chance with the compile. It might be able to have a work-a-round. I tried the folder method with this site too but it didn’t work. I’ll keep searching though for a dropbox alternative for that.

Anyway, that’s the update for now. I’ll check out some other alternatives later on… it’s late here and I’ve got a huge day a head of me. :scream: Sleep beckons and I must obey :sleeping:

If anyone else would like to have a crack at it, please do.

List of What I’ve Tried…

  • box.com
    neither folder nor compile worked. (Desktop Attempts)

  • google drive
    I haven’t tried folder method but I doubt it will work. (Something to try later though… ) Compile did not open correctly with this one. But I used my android so maybe a desktop attempt might work? I’ll have to try this later, or someone else can try and see if they can get it to work.

  • sync.com
    Used a desktop for both attempts. Folder method did not work but compiled file brought up HTML code when opened. Similar to dropbox prior to changing things in the address link. UPDATE ^— They said no, sync does not have a way to launch it. :sob:

Okay, night night everyone. :crescent_moon:



Probably just future proofing. (i.e. I’m going to say it doesn’t work now, even when it does, because it’s going to stop working in just a little bit.)

Hm, so what’s the leave, DashingDon, Webs.com, and paying for a website?



Apparently people do use dropbox for actual free website hosting - maybe that’s why DB are cracking down. We just get caught in the crossfire :cry:



Well, this is a bit of a blow. I just got started on a rather ambitious project and, provided I get anywhere with it, it would definitely need testing (plus it’s partly created for fun to share with others, in case I never get it to the point where it’s commercially viable). With the non-ambitious project I have though (in comparison), it won’t be such a big deal.

So, Dashingdon is the recommended option? Never heard of them and not sure what to think of it sometimes being listed as a harmful site. I’ll look into it though, and I assume Google Drive is a no go. Paying for a website is definitely not possible for me.

Edit: Actually, I’ve just thought that there may be bigger issues. Isn’t it required to hold a beta test to publish under Hosted Games?



Dashingdon is a site run by a forum member going by the same name. That’s no guarantee, of course, but it hasn’t been proven to be unsafe or harmful in any way this far.

Yes. Yes, it is.



Dashingdon’s forum thread.



Don’t panic! Google Drive still renders HTML. Just set the folder to public on the web and the url is in the form https://googledrive.com/host/[FOLDERID]/[Stuff]/[Stuff]/[Stuff.html]

I switched from DropBox to Google Drive this summer, and all my websites work! Glad I did now that Dropbox is removing this feature.




As @Vendetta pointed out, you’ll need to contact @dashingdon about uploading extra script files.

@Tom_W I remember having issues with Google Drive not allowing references to parent urls, i.e. files in folders couldn’t reference files in parent folders (the other way around is fine). Was that ever/is it still a restriction?



As @CJW said, please feel free to contact me via message on these forums for requests like this. I have added the plugin to @ParrotWatcher 's game as requested. If there are enough requests for anything in particular, I will work to incorporate the request into the default setup.



Also, to address this, the site is hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet and, unfortunately, DigitalOcean has a history of recycling IP addresses that have had a checkered past. I can only promise there is nothing malicious on my server - it is only being flagged due to either its IP or its host DigitalOcean.

When I get some time to clean up my messy code, I will be releasing it on GitHub publicly for verification (and for any contributions other developers might like to make).



I am working on a file share like dropbox setup on Choice of Box but it may take a couple of weeks as I am learning as I go. I have SSL now for the site but still a lot to figure out.



Well the bunny is burning with fury!
This blows.
While I use it for little more than hosting my WIP to players that’s allotta folks that simply won’t be abe to enjoy the work so many of us anchor in Dropbox paid or unpaid. Think of the readers man we be got’n an angry army so wonder how many angry letters we can send lol



Not nearly enough to make a major corporation reconsider I’m afraid. Maybe if you got the entire choice of games customer base, but if it’s just us forum users we’re far too few.



Hey, Dashingdon.

Thanks for the reply and I was going to apologise to you for my earlier comment if any offense was taken. I literally knew nothing about the service, so I had no idea a member was hosting the service. I just saw an earlier comment in the thread mentioning anti-virus programmes flagging it as potentially harmful.

Anyway, even though I don’t think any offense was taken, I do apologise in case there was. It’s good of you to set it up as well. I might look into it and if I do, it’s a simple job of creating an account and uploading, right? You only need to be contacted if extra work is needed for something to function? Like the plugin you mentioned.

Also, @Tom_W , I use Google Drive currently, so I’ll look into that as well. May even use two hosting sites. .



No, no offense taken at all. The only reason I host it at DigitalOcean is because I get a LOT of server for only a little money (very likely as a result of their maligned reputation).

Yes, account setup is pretty straightforward and secure now that there is SSL on the server. However, as with all external services, I suggest you use a password that is completely unique to dashingdon.com for security’s sake.



The real question is, for how much longer? Dropbox didn’t actually start this, they’re just doing the sheep thing. :disappointed:

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Guessing you still need to pay for it? Or am I being dumb and got mixed up with something else?



This is so frustrating. Such a simple feature with a huge impact on the community. Also going to explore the other options out there, so I will be keeping an ear out. I appreciate the suggestions others have already posted here. Having to pay extra is not ideal, if doable at all, personally. I know others have mentioned this, but the fact that this unexpectedly comes within weeks of trying to organize a beta test with a couple different compiles is aggravating. Sigh.



There goes the Google Drive option then… :confused:



Yes, recently it seems like there’s a disturbing and decidedly user-unfriendly trend towards some sort of mobile focused web 3.0 crap that is apparently to run on a “cable-tv” model or something.