Dropbox discontinuing rendering of HTML content


@Silverstone I’ll try out that neocities.org it seems to work since the link you gave works so I gonna try it too.

@dashingdon well, a search bar would be nice. Also a sort category as to author in alphabetical order or to game title name alphabetical order or even a featured wip for the week would be nice? I think my suggestion iz too much but that is all I could think of at the moment.



how bout something like dropbox that allow us to donwload compiled html file, coz sometimes i have to download it to be able to play it (my internet is kinda suck so it often disconnecting by itself and it makes me have to repeat the game from the beginning often, just to be able to reach the updated part :sob:)

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That’s a good suggestion. I would have to allow authors an option as to whether they wanted their game provided as a download or not, I think. But other than that, I’m sure I could rig that up.

All good ideas, thanks. I have thought about search and categories but there aren’t a whole lot to scroll through so far I don’t think. But definitely in the queue for the future.

Yes that’s a fair point. I will set up the default style as an option.



Thank you so much for making the page >www<

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The two reasons I don’t want to use @dashingdon’s site:

  1. I have a lot of players, and update in large sections. When I post a major update, 1000 or more people might access the link in the first hour. Dropbox had to disable my links for bandwidth problems until I upgraded, so I’m concerned about the load on a smaller operation. (The burden, you might say.)

  2. I’m paranoid. You’re one person. If you’re hacked, or something terrible happens to you, what happens to my files or my hosting? (This has become less of a concern since large operations started proving themselves unreliable.)

Those are my two cents of reservations.



Both valid concerns. For the first, I can only say “go for it” :smiling_imp: The server resources are all scalable and I am fairly confident I have enough allocated to handle the Sashirian Legion of Fans should that be necessary :grin:

For the second concern, I have no easy answer. I’d be glad to share access to the system with someone technologically competent once they are vetted, just in case I’m hit by a fatal hook or drop a dumbbell on my head or get abducted and subsequently preserved in Plutonian pickle juice by aliens.

But even absent me, should I go dormant on the forums and be presumed pickled, the server will continue to run for several months afterward at least, giving everyone time to copy their work and find alternate hosting. Though in any case I would definitely suggest any authors keep local copies of their work.



Hmm, is this dropbox thing happening in stages?

I still haven’t moved mine and they appear to be working on computer or smartphone.



I would say so. My drop box link worked until the 5th, but others were forced to switch even before October.
Changed it on the third just to be on the safe side, though.

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@Charles_Parkes I’d say it’s not too far off not working unfortunately. My dropbox links haven’t been working since early October. (Either that or you somehow got lucky :slight_smile: )



I thought I’d be able to host them on my website, but Wordpress won’t allow me to upload a compiled game file :pensive: what is the point in having a bloody website if … (mutter…mutter)



The alternative would be @dashingdon’s Dashingdon. It’s a bit unusual at first, but you should get the hang of it early on.
It works without problems now after I figured out how to use Dashingdon. :slight_smile:



Correction: After you begged me for help.



Actually, I asked @dashingdon themself. You just changed a letter.

Throws Neo out of the room to stop derailment.



What’s unusual about it? :neutral_face: Maybe I can’t tell because I am unusual…?

You two stop fighting over me! Actually wait, no, keep fighting over me. I’m starting to feel giddy. :flushed:

Oh. Well… I guess you won? My hero!

But on a serious note let me know if there is any oddness or quirks I can work out on DashingDon.com and I’m happy to look into it. Once it’s perfect and has lots of games on it I can start charging. :smiling_imp:

Just kidding! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: FREEEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!



I explored that option too before. If I understand correctly, you wont be able to if you let them create and host the site for you. :confused: Or, that’s what my memory is telling me anyways.

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If anyone is astoundingly grateful to @dashingdon and has some spare cash, he does take donations. Otherwise, yes, it’s a free site; I just moved my WIP over and have had no problems so far. It’s really user-friendly.



If you’re only moderately grateful, I don’t want your pity money! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Besides, good luck on finding the donate link, deku scrubs:

But honestly the costs are low right now and I’m more than happy to bear them in order to play all the great games being made these days. That’s the deal: you keep writing, I’ll keep hosting! NOW GET TO WORK! :hamburger:

Dangit. That hamburger is supposed to be an old fuddy in a nightgown and shower cap pointing a finger and yelling you.

Pretend that hamburger is a old fuddy in a nightgown and shower cap pointing a finger and yelling at you.




Thank you so much! It was very easy to use even for someone as tech-illiterate as me. And one day I will find the donate button…



Donation buttons shouldn’t be secret. This is a great service!

[Spoiler]Check the Terms of Service at the very bottom of the page.[/Spoiler]


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