Dragon Warrior Demo (Updated 08-05-19)

Ofc he does, he could have killed the MC. He got away from attempted murder, now he must suffer the consegues of his actions.


The little heretic deserves whatever terrible fate awaits him! I’ve wanted proper revenge since the first book, may Khorne have his soul.

I can 100% say that you’ll be able to get it in this book if you seek it out.

You tear off your blindfold, pausing as your eyes readjust to the bright world. The sun was up, and not a cloud could be seen in the cerulean tinted sky. A light breeze would rush by, rustling the grass and your $hairtype $haircolor hair.

RIP Allison :pensive:

Can’t wait to see what the three new ROs are like :eyes:

It’s one lesbian RO, one bi male RO, and one bi female RO.

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I mean no offence to the author when I say this but please don’t make this one rely heavily on stats. At least allow a little bit of leniency for some choices if you have near enough for something to happen.

And another thing, please don’t make it super hard. I don’t know what I did wrong (if anything) but when the training was being done between my character and my dragon, though I read everything right, I somehow got all the training wrong. I’m not saying I’m perfect but the fact that it happened annoyed the heck out of me.

And one last thing. Please no more mazes. That part was probably the most annoying part at the end of everything.

Hope this can be taken into consideration.

So, did Saren learn how to speak to dragons in the events between DR and DW?

That sentence is written weird, Hurim is listening but hasn’t said anything. The mommy and daddy line is said by MC.

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Ohhh, gotcha! Thanks for clarifying

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But still it’s funny as hell

So is this the end of the demo

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@ToxicDreams – Please let us know if you want the thread reopened