Dragon Warrior Demo (Updated 08-05-19)

Soar back into action as you continue your journey in this exciting sequel to Dragon Racer.

Pernrith, Ampleforth, and the Marauder Territory is destroyed, along with so many lives, including your adopted parents. But your story has yet to end, and you are forced to go from a racer to a warrior. Watch as betrayal unfolds, battle new enemies, unlock you and your dragon’s inner power, learn more of your companion’s origins, form an army, and learn the truth of yourself and origins.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary. Also, as straight, gay/lesbian, or bi-sexual.
  • Decide what kind of dragon rider you will be, and how others will remember you.
  • Choose your allies and form an army.
  • Train yourself and dragon to become worthy of the title, Legendary Rider and Dragon.
  • Choose from five magic branches or wield weapons of great power.
  • Continue your relationship or choose from three new romances.
  • Learn the truth about everything.

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Word Count: 53k

08-05-19: Chapter Two
08-01-19: Prologue + Chapter One


That’s fine as a working title, but I don’t think you can release it as Dragon Warrior. That’s the name for the early Dragon Quest games.





This is shaping up to be a pretty great day.


Wow, didn’t know someone else knew what Dragon Quest used to be called. Most people I talk to the series about often are a little surprised that Dragon Quest went by a different title in the past.

That said, it has been a while since the series went by that title, so it still be used here. Though it is something to consider if there does end up needing to be a name change.

That aside, I am running into a error that’s not letting me go past the end of the prologue bit. :sweat_smile:


It loops around a few places…

Is it giving you an error where this is happening??

@DontJudge Can you tell me which route and where?

@hustlertwo Do you know if they trademarked it, that’ll be the only reason I have to change it.

It was happening after the scene with Arlen, but it’s not happening anymore for some reason. Maybe because of different choices or you already fixed it? :sweat_smile:


Dragon Warrior I don’t think is trademarked anymore. Dragon Quest was called Dragon Warrior to avoid conflict with the Dragonquest tabletop which later expired anyway.

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Can you add a 3rd choice with Nyx like:
“I’m willing to forgive, but not yet”

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I am back in your dragon world ToxicDreams are you happy because I am


I am a retro gaming enthusiast; I own the first Dragon Warrior on the NES.

@ToxicDreams Couldn’t say if they still have it locked up or not after all these years. Just wanted to make sure you were aware of the possibility.


Oh, yay! :yum: So… Does the first game have a save feature in the end now?

Yes! I’m so excited to watch this game progress!

I can’t get past the first opportunity to talk to all my teammates. I get a “refresh your browser” message from Choice of Games, which makes no difference. Also, I cannot tell Saren “because I like you” even though I am male and have a high relationship with him.

Oh wow I am so excited to see the demo for this, you have no idea!

Minor bug report, though? The flirt option for Saren is unavailable even for male characters, and looking at the code I think it’s because “male” in that check isn’t capitalised, whereas when you set your MC’s gender in the startup it gets capitalised. So it’s looking for “male” and instead finding “Male” and going well that’s a totally different thing!

(hi, I’m also the person who got his affection to 126% or some crazy percentage like that in the first game)

Also, I’m curious as to what the other racing teams are doing right now? A few weeks should be long enough for news to spread about what happened to the Marauders. I’d imagined one of the top priorities would be to contact and warn them - unless they’re going to be involved in the ‘form an army’ part later?

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Yes I can!

@Nael No idea.

@QuixquillianParadise and @Elysian Fixed, issue with the whole case-sensitive variable dynamic, like Elysian so lovely pointed out. My bad. And yep, you’ll learn more about what everyone else has been doing since the attack.


When talking with Cassius, when you choose to despise the Legendary rider title the name variable is broken.


Hype overload