Dragon Poop for Sale (WIP) Update 9/21/16


Yeah the title is definitely awesome, all the best for both your projects :slight_smile:

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This game sounds awesome.I thought it would only be about buying or selling dragon poop at first, for some reason I’m slightly disappointed it’s not :sweat_smile:

That stat wouldn’t be very good at sneaking if you could see it. :smirk:

In all honesty I just didn’t type it in. Don’t worry it will be there in the next update, which should be today.


I am super excited for this. I honestly had no idea what to expect from the eye-catching title, other than that it has to be awesome. I do like the chapter/artifact setup, very unique.

Are you still looking for a health name? I assume it’s just the percentile stat designation you’re referring to. Given the mystical yet playful tone of your proposal, may I suggest variations on “Vigor,” “Constitution,” “Salubrity,” or “Hardiness”?

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Oh goodie, I am glad to see this topic is still alive! When today shall the update be?

There has been a small update.

However it is just a continuation of the Preface. Hopefully by tonight (7-9 pm eastern time US) I will have the beginnings of chapter 1 up!


Just letting you guys know there is an update to the story. I also will be updating later tonight (sometime after 9pm).

New Demo Link

Please inform me of any issues you are having when playing the story and I will try to fix them in the next update.


Welcome back also lol at the stat descriptions :joy:

I choose the second option

Thank you for telling me I am going to look at it and try to fix it.

I fixed it so it should work now. :slight_smile:

And here I thought this literally selling dragon poop😂 like how thing will going by the way, I found this t-(what it name again?)

  • “What what that?” Ms. Wetherson’s voice squeaked making her sound almost mouse-like
    the second what part

didn’t know if you made it like this on purpose thought

Hold on, hold on, don’t dismiss that out of hand as that might not be such a bad idea, might make a terrific fertilizer or maybe it has rare chemical properties/components that we could extract and sell to big Pharma. Either way it might just net our mc some badly needed extra cash. :grinning:

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Well if there buyer than it must be some scientist or something alike then use it for “who knows what” thing😂

I’m a big fan of all of the shows you mentioned, so that got my attention real quick.
Sounds like an interesting idea, though sometimes the ambitious ones work against you.

So I have been working on the story in the background (not updating to dashingdon yet), and I have gotten to the section of the story where I start thinking about adding the “romance” elements to my story. Now many of you do not know this about me but I generally dislike romance in COGs because it is like romance movies/games. You build up and build up, until one person cracks and says “I love you”. (or you end up having sex poe-tate-o, poe-taa-t-oo) There is no exploration into the love part of romance (for some stories, not all). And I am planning on exploring the “love” aspects and that includes all kinds of love.

Now I need to know somethings before I continue. One of these relationships I had in mind was a polyamorous one.

For those who don’t know a polyamorous relationship is one where there are multiple people who are in sexual relations with each other. For example a guy and another guy offer to a girl/guy to be part of their relationship.

I like the idea but I didn’t want to put it in without getting all of your opinions. So… I decided to put it into a poll to see what you guys think.

Please note that you will not be forced into a relationship with anyone, I would never want that and I have a feeling none of you would want that. In the end it is you who chooses if you want to date or not. Sure some people may appoach you with the intent of being your partner but in the end it will be your choice.

Polyamorous Relationship? Eye! Nay! Eeh?

  • Yes!
  • No!
  • I am unsure… Leave a comment as to why please!

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Also I wanted to share this with you guys! It is a link to the current magical creatures/items you may come into contact with in this little adventure! Magical Artifact/People/Items for Story

I wouldn’t mind the polyamorous relationship but if you don’t feel comfortable writing in romance I say leave it out it’s going to be a good story anyway regardless of whether you get to suck face with someone or not :smiley:

Oh I don’t mind writing in romance or romantic options. I just want to make sure everyone else is comfortable with the idea first before it is fully programed into the story. (I have two versions of this story one with the polyamorous relationship and one without. I personally like the one with because it adds an interesting lore dynamic to they type of characters I have written)


Knowing you are comfortable writing it made me decide yes, was gonna say unsure and say the same thing as @avidreader until i noticed your response to them

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If you are interested I have edited my post to show you guys what I have planned (or already in the story). It’s the link that says “Magical Artifacts/People/Items for Story”

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