Dragon of Steelthorne 2: Skies over Steelthorne (WIP) - 107k words, ~85% complete

Can i please have the link

Ok, I think I’ve reached out to everyone who asked for the link. If I missed you out, let me know.

I’m planning to work on the final romance route next. Originally, Crown Princess Zoe was supposed to be romancable via the Eternal Festival, just like Princess Bridget in the first game. However, I will need an alternate route now that the Eternal Festival will not go into the IF comp release.


I would like a link to try it if possible

You need something different… Something new entirely… Maybe try coming up with a new event, or location

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Someone will be travelling to Lake Steelthorne to visit someone she loves.


OK Then.

Hello, would like to have the link please!

I would like the link please

Am I tripping, or did you just release a story? How are you already 85% complete on the sequel

Might be both. :sweat_smile:

Work on this began during the months in which the first game was getting published. I was pretty productive in April somehow.

Do you want access?

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Of course, I would love the demo, and I wish my creative bursts were as productive, lol

I would love the link please. Love your first game.

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I should have reached out to everyone, but if I missed you out, let me know. Unfortunately, progress on the next update has been slow. I’m hoping for sometime before this month is over, which should complete the next romance option and final chapters.

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I could see if this is answered.

Complete new MC

Should this be in 1st primary post?

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Good point. I’ve updated the main topic to make a note of this.


Hi all,

Just an update. I’m currently switching my time to work on a second WIP, so the next update will take a bit of time. I’m also considering pushing this to the Spring Thing next year, but this is not confirmed at this point.

Meanwhile, if you want the link, feel free to reach out. I’m always accepting feedback, even if the next update isn’t coming yet.


Closed by author’s request

FYI, Chance has left a temporary goodbye message over here, as well as a request for feedback. As he said, if you need the link for DoS2 or want to ask him anything (or just give an encouraging word), you can be in touch with him by DM.