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Create a character:http://dragon-ball-z-rpg.webs.com/
So you think you have what it takes? You’ve went so far already, it’s about time to begin the journey to legendary status and choose your path. To begin simply follow the Character Template (On the home page) and post in the Character Applications section on this website: The Website. The administration will try its best to approve or look at your sheet within a little time frame.

Once your character is approved, you will be ready to go on the planet you desired. From there you begin scratching your head on where to start in the roleplay; I’ll give you a hint… You can begin solo missions/quests to gain stats or interactive roleplays with your friends (also gains stats).

This is a very simple and easy system to understand. There are four actual stats: Strength, Focus, Endurance, and Agility. The fifth and final thing you’ll see listed above your stats is Power Level, which is the overall ranking of your character’s fighting strength.

–Strength: This is your physical attack power. Basically, this determines how hard you can throw a punch, and how much physical punishment you can dish out.
–Focus: This is your ki attack power. This shows how much of a sting your energy attacks cause, how quickly your ki moves, and how big of a mark it can leave.
–Endurance: This is your defense. Everything from being able to withstand a kick to the gut to how you can hold out against an enemy’s energy blast.
–Agility: This is your movement and attack speed. This covers how quick you can move, how fast you can deal out the pain, and how swiftly you can dodge somebody’s attacks.

When you create a new character, you’ll be required to distribute 100 “stat points” amongst the four stats. How many points go where is entirely up to you. Each stat must have a minimum of 1%, be a whole number (no decimals), and all four numbers must add up to exactly 100%. Your stat points are the total percentage of your fighting style. For example, your distribution could look something like this:Quote:
Strength: 25%
Focus: 10%
Endurance: 5%
Agility: 60%

Obviously, that character favors speed over attack power and defense. You decide your stats based on how you like your character to fight, or your personal preference of style. You can have a higher percentage for one aspect of battle or keep them all balanced. It’s up to you!

Once you pick your percentage distribution, these stats do not change.

Power Level

As stated before, this is the overall measurement of your character’s fighting strength. It’s a measuring stick that helps determine the stronger warrior when two or more are compared together, as well as it governs just how powerful you really are. Each character starts off with a Power Level of 100. Power Level is comprised of the amount of RPing you have pumped into it. Power Level is only permanently increased through the earning of PL itself by posting. Your Power Level may also be multiplied through the earned use of Power Ups, although this is just temporary, lasting only as long as you are in a transformed state.

Your character will receive 100 PL per post in the RPG. Some areas offer additional PL as a result of gravity, specially sanctioned areas, or just pure awesomeness. Additional PL can be given as a result of Sagas, Tournaments, Paths, and other such things as the staff sees fit. Additional “bonus” PL can be given for exceptional RPing ability and story-driven gameplay.

The distribution of your overall strength is reflected by the percentage of each of the four stats. For example, if two characters had an Agility of 60%, the one with the higher Power Level moves faster. Power Level is the final determiner of strength, however. If one character had an Agility of 60% and a PL of 1200 and another had an Agility of 45% but a PL of 200,000, the latter is obviously faster.
*Note that PL is given per post and can (and will) be taken away as a result of breaking the RPG’s rules and/or harming another player’s gameplay.

How to Gain Stats…

Gaining stats are quite easy on this site and can be done in different ways. Normal training can be done once a week, which can be posted within your weekly log update. Stats can also be gained individual through stat training roleplays:

-Stat training roleplays are RP’s that contain creative ways that your character is training said stat. After a role-play thread has ended, notify a admin/mod for your thread to be graded. Remember though, the grades you will receive are at that admins’/mods discretion.

-Quest/Missions are another unique way to gain stats through roleplay, by completing a mission you gain the bonuses for that mission, which can vary from stats to techniques to items and so on.

-Normal Training can be done weekly in your log update request. Look at the template for more details.

Once you gain stats you may do weekly updates to your character, a limit of two per week of course following a certain template.

How to Update

Updates are done every week in the update board by following the template, updates include all of your old and new stats along with much more important and vital things to your character. Once your update is approved you can edit/update your character log with the new information. REMEMBER! This can only be done twice on a weekly basis.


Transformation: This technique is granted in tiers, each one multiplying the Power Level of a warrior by a certain amount. These must be purchased in order (ie, you need Tier 1 before you can buy Tier 2). Each time a Transformation is activated, it drains the user of some of their ki. A Transformation can only be used if the character has reached the PL threshold of the current tier.
Tier 1 - PLx4 - PL >= 20000.
Tier 2 - PLx8 - PL >= 40000.
Tier 3 - PLx12 - PL >= 60000.


Quests are the most basic way of gaining stats, and somehow one of the most beneficial towards gaining power level rapidly thus you are limited to two quests per week of updating. Multiple people may complete a quest together but with a added 500 words required to the word count. There are three types of quests:

Easy Quests - Easy Quests are usually minor annoyances within the planet, which requires a minimum of 800 words to gain FULL REWARDS. To gain halved rewards 600 words must be counted.
Give: 25 EXP

Medium Quests - Medium Quests are sometimes dangerous quests or very tricky quests, which requires a minimum of 1200 words to gain FULL REWARDS. To gain halved rewards 1000 words must be counted.
Give: 50 EXP

Hard Quests - Hard Quests are dangerous quests that require putting your life at risk, which requires a minimum of 1400 words to gain FULL REWARDS. To gain halved rewards 1200 words must be counted.
Give: 75 EXP

Legendary Quests - Only few have survived these treacherous duties, you may or may not… These quests will push you to your absolute limit if not to the brink of death therefore can only be completed upon completing 3 of each quest level. These require a minimum of 2000 words to gain FULL REWARDS. You cannot gain halved rewards with this type of quest.
Give: 100 EXP


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