Downloading ChoiceScript on Chromebook

Hello, I’m Derpy and I was thinking about making a game on ChoiceScript but I can only use a Chrombebook, so I can’t download anything. Is there a way to get choicescript without downloading it?

@DrDerpyPoodle I’ve never used a Chromebook so can’t say for certain if it would be problematical for you, but you can in fact now develop a ChoiceScript game entirely online (i.e. you don’t need to download anything yourself) using the CS-IDE:

But do remember to take your own backup copies of any files you create / edit in the IDE, just to be on the safe side. There is a Save / Load option but at present that facility uses your browser’s own localStorage and so far as I’m aware not all browsers support this (or at least, didn’t used to).

The next version of the CS-IDE is however likely to also include direct Dropbox support, which is a big leap forward. Worth seeing if you will be able to use that with your Chromebook:

Chromebooks always struck me as one bridge too far, I think the idea is great, but I think the idea came just a bit too early.
You can do A LOT with modern day web apps and the internet, but not *quite* enough to completely remove the need for local storage I feel.

Anyway the IDE is definitely one solution, and it should have no problem running through the Chrome web browser. As Vendetta said, it’s also due a major update sometime soon, which should go some way towards addressing a lot of its current shortcomings.

You could also (in theory) run Choicescript from Google Drive, with the correct folder permissions and folder structure, but the setup might prove rather long winded and unconventional.
If you’re really keen, I can double check that for you, then talk you through it via PM or something.