Double hide_reuse


Sorry if this question has already been answered, I couldn’t find it.

I know how to use hide_reuse and disable_reuse, but is there a way to hide_reuse after it has been clicked twice, instead of just once? So the third time visiting the choice would make that option disappear?
Thanks to anyone who can help!


Nah it’d be easier to use a standard choice in conjunction with an if, e.g:

   #You can click me loads of times
      *goto wherever
   *selectable_if (variable < 3) #You can only click me twice
      *set variable + 1
      *goto wherever


Ok thanks!


Wow! I get to correct a bit of @CJW’s code! :stuck_out_tongue:

@ojpolarbearlvr To do precisely what you want it to do, it needs to be (spot the difference!):

   #You can click me loads of times
      *goto wherever
   *selectable_if (variable < 2) #You can only click me twice
      *set variable + 1
      *goto wherever

(Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed that spot of one-upmanship - a rare treat. :smiley: )


That depends entirely on the initial value of ‘variable’, I was assuming it would be ‘1’ :stuck_out_tongue:


@CJW Pah! Just piss all over my fireworks, why don’t you!



You’re right in a sense of good practice, most computer systems and programming languages use a zero-based numbering system, so you could argue that I should have assumed that it would have started at 0.

How’s that? :smiley:

But damn, memo-to-self: Triple and quadruple check sample code before postin’ to avoid a’roastin’!


*relights damp, slightly squidgy fireworks*

Edit: memo-to-self: Next time, don’t give him any wriggle room!


lol @CJW and @Vendetta :stuck_out_tongue: