Donor: A Vampire Victim's Tale [GAME RELEASED!]

You are much too kind, but I’ll leave that up people who actually know what they’re doing.

I think it would be possible for the captors to be physically stronger, cause even if the MC is a big tall male usually vampires have super-strength and they’d be able to overpower him easily.


Oh, the vampires in this are certainly stronger than humans. Like I said, it could work, I’m just not confident I’m capable of pulling it off. It’s something I’ll definitely think about revisiting in future drafts, however.

What I’d meant earlier by “physically outclassed” was more along the lines of feeling (visually?) intimidated. I’m not a dude, but if I were a big guy, I think I’d probably be trying to use my strength to escape, which isn’t supposed to be an option for the MC. You’re correct, however, that no human male of any size would be a match for the vampires.


Sign me up for becoming a vampire hehe.


Damn, I would totally read this book if I could! Looking foward to play the game!


UPDATE 02.07.18 - Chapter 2 complete


Attempting a brain teaser takes me back to the beginning of the chapter.

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Sorry, meant to reply to you personally. I re-uploaded a file to correct a typo, and I’ve noticed this happens in dashingdon when I overwrite files.

If you have time, give it another try and let me know if you continue to experience problems. And thanks so much for checking out chapter 2!

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Thanks! Seems to be working now, although there’s a 404 error when I hit ‘play again.’

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I’ll take a look into the 404 error… And thanks so much again for playing! In the meantime, if you want to start the game over, I think you can just refresh the page.

Update - fixed

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Hi there! I played this WIP a few days ago but I decided against leaving a review yet. Now that I’ve went through chapter 2 here are my thoughts so far:

The game’s description sounded very interesting but upon playing, I realized that my expectations were totally different from how the story went. From the description alone, I pictured the MC–Lenore–as a scared prisoner in some dingy underground prison along with Richard’s vampire wannabe servant, I did not expect she’d be detached from her current situation and treats it as if it’s just a normal thing.

I also didn’t quite expect she’d be “medically dependent” (for lack of a better term I can find). As I see it, in situations like this, one has to be sober in order to escape. Perhaps an option where she isn’t dependent on meds?

Also, I find the choices for Len’s reaction a bit unrealistic. As I’ve mentioned, when facing the kind of horror she did, I doubt one could act nonchalantly or normally–whether in medication or not. Maybe an option to have a terrified reaction? Since this is horror and not vampire romance maybe a more terrified MC would be realistic. You could also adopt a calm and calculating stance but I think a terrified MC fits the bill for this genre. Maybe you could also add a stat for fear level? this should determine how well the MC can function despite being scared of Richard.

Finally, in the stats screen, I think there’s a typographical error for Xanax taken since it appears like this:
Xanax_taken: 0
I think you wrote a variable instead of the label that should appear for the number of Xanax taken.

So far, that’s all. I do enjoy the concept despite some differences in expectation. Good luck with the other chapters! :slight_smile:


First, thank you for taking the time to read and craft such a thoughtful analysis!

I actually had a fear level at the start, but I found it unnecessary along with the option to take Xanax, which is directly related to the calmness of your responses throughout the novel (with the exception of chapter 2, of course). With that in mind, I have tried to provide at least one “terrified” response to all the questions, but I’ll look through the story again to make sure.

Unfortunately, it would be nearly impossible for me to give the player the option of being totally sober. The MC’s drug addiction is critical to the arc of the story overall. And while this isn’t a romance, she does have the option of befriending/manipulating/allying with her captors (particularly Paul), which would be difficult to do if she were too afraid to interact with them as peers.

You’re right, however, that this story doesn’t fit neatly into the horror genre. Even though the original novel was published under the Samhain Horror line, most people described it as a dark comedy. If there were a label for that, I totally would’ve used it.

Finally, I do realize that the game won’t appeal to everyone. It’s just meant to be fun, nothing more. Really sorry if you found the categories or description misleading. I’ll edit the post to give people a better idea of what they’re getting into before they click the link.

Thanks again for your feedback, I found it very helpful. And I’ll update Xanax_taken on the stats screen. :slight_smile:


Also the relationship stats are like that

Paul_Relationship: 50%
Richard_Relationship: 50%
Charles_Relationship: 30%

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Heh, yeah, I’m going to hide the relationship stat for Charles until you meet him. That’s on my todo list. The 30% is intentional, though - he starts off hating you. You’ll find out why as the book progresses.

EDIT - oh, duh, yes, I need to fix the underscores in those stats as well. Good catch!

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Chapter 2 finished. Overall I enjoyed it a lot. I like how Richard keeps things “simple”. Plus, MC’s addiction is very interesting and I can’t wait to see how it affects her in the future and what the vampires reactions will be. Also, I felt so disgusted by the idea of having that thing in Leonore’s arm all the time… the idea creep me out, lel.


No problem. Glad I could help.

Don’t worry about the description though, I found it very interesting that’s why I checked it out. It just so happened that my expectations were totally different. :sweat_smile:

Looking forward to chapter 3.


I can’t wait for more! I keep thinking about the story throughout the day, I really enjoyed it!


UPDATE 02.12.18 - Chapter 3 complete


  • Total story > 22k words
  • Added a save system
  • Fixed display on stat screen
  • Things like honesty and relationships with other characters will start to affect the storyline (although this won’t really get cranking until later chapters)
  • First appearance of Charles
  • Paul’s back, and so is Xanax

Please let me know if there’s anything I can improve.



Game-breaking bug when I don’t attempt to escape Paul in chapter 3.

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So good! One thing I noticed was when I’m walking with Paul is when I press the option to do nothing instead of scream etc it bugs and doesn’t let me continue. I would also love it if I could win over Paul or Richard’s hearts eventually :slight_smile:

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