Does the $50 Fire tablet work for CoG games?



So I’m in the peculiar state of having no decent device on which to read sweet delicious CS games (and since I’m too lazy to hold a physical book to read - I have an ancient kindle that I adore - I’m certainly not going to hold a laptop for extended periods of time. Far too much work).

Would this new thingy work? All I want is to read CS games on a handbag-sized device so I can whip out my own (“Attack of the Clockwork Army”, releasing this very Sunday, thanks for asking) at a moment’s notice, especially for potential converts to IF (who are unlikely to be impressed by me driving home, fetching my laptop, and returning to the scene).

John Scalzi reviews it at

and concludes:

Would I recommend a $50 Fire tablet? Not for anyone who isn’t idly curious and/or has more than $50 to spend and/or isn’t already tied into the Amazon ecosystem. There are better options, including ones that don’t lock you into Amazon’s OS, app store and retail experience. But for $50, and for folks whole hog into Amazon? Hey, you know, it’s pretty damn not bad. So far I’m pleased with what I got in exchange for my money, which, ultimately, is the key metric.


Haven’t used one but should be ok. COG books are not usually very processor heavy, so lagging shouldn’t be too bad I would think. (It sounds like it’s meant to be used primarily as an amazon content device, maybe not so good for web surfing, graphic heavy games, etc? That’s what I got from the review anyway.) It is tied into the amazon store, not the android one, but I saw your book’s already out on amazon as well so should be ok.

Another review


I’ve played demos on the Fire tablet through the provided internet browser as well as purchased games through Amazon’s online store. I have not had any problems accessing my games. Usually playing the game works fine, but sometimes there can be formatting issues or poor sensitivity from the tablet itself when I am selecting a choice or wanting to push the stats button at the top of the page.

The Fire tablet is an affordable handheld device that will allow you to enjoy Choice of Games on the go.


Fantastic! Good to know.