Does it need to have a stat option in choice of games or not?

Does it need to have a stat option in choice of games or not?

No one is forcing you to use statistics. Base on how the scripting is formatted, it is not required. You could get away with just writing a book without choices. That would probably just not sell well. However, I think that it does require a stats screen, even if you don’t use it for your story. If you do not have one, clicking on the option for it will crash the game.

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Some games have no stats. Creatures Such As We, for notable example.


You can make a game that has no stats at all, and it can be formatted in such a way that there isn’t even a stat screen. Creatures such as we is like that. As for making a game like that and having it be successful, that’s another story. Creatures was the only one I’ve seen that did it well of the two from COG/hosted that I’ve seen and even then, it felt less like a game and more like a philosophy tale but that’s probably just me. Yes, it was definitely a good story, I just wasn’t really a fan


Honestly I think several games with stats could do without, or at least with streamlining.


I agree. Too many games implement the opposing pairs of stats, which really bugs the hell out of me. People can behave different ways around different people, while having a certain foundation for their personality. The opposing pairs shits all over that idea.

Plus, half the time you can’t tell how a choice will effect a personality stat. Make a wrong choice and you’ve just screwed up your MC.

And a lot of games have a never-ending stat screen with a list of stats that, ultimately, mean nothing and affect nothing except a line here or there. I’d prefer a short list of personality stats that actually matter. And no damned opposing pairs. Better to track how the MC behaves with certain NPCs than to generalize. Like, let me pick at the beginning who my character is based on whatever stats are offered, then take note at the appropriate places when the MC behaves differently (it also would make for some nice conversations/comments from NPCs when, for example, an otherwise intimidating character is soft with their RO or team. Not only does it offer an opportunity for MC growth, but it allows for others to make note of it. At least, that’s my opinion on the matter.