Does anyone else think it would be cool if they made a sequel to Choice of the Dragon?

I really enjoyed that game and it would be cool to see what happens after you hibernate. or imagine if were killed by the Gods then you go to Hell and you would try to escape.


The last time this was discussed there were no plans for a sequel.

I’d say write some fan-fiction about it. Let your imagination go wild and share with everyone else what you think would be fun to happen.


i already gave an idea that i think sounds cool. although im not really all that creative so i can’t go into more detail than that lol

YES! I really wanted to see how you return to your life with your mate, maybe have kids, maybe get new powers or something!

Just because you don’t think you’re creative doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You could just keep it really short.


I’d prefer new game, new dragon and new princes to kidnap of course. Then again from those early offerings Vampire will always remain my favourite. Sadly it seems our grouch-in-chief is currently too busy for a sequel to that one. :cry:

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Isn’t this the sequel?:

I’m talking about the installment after that.

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