Do You Doubt?: Game Idea

Do You Doubt takes place in a society where prepubescent children are hyper-responsive to environment and opinions, creating a society obsessed with purity and ‘building’ specific personalities.

They want to create people with completely loyal and specific personalities because they have ‘other halves’ that manifest themselves in childhood as one’s latent or desired traits and wants. This alternate selves are called Doubts(thinking of changing).

Those that manifest doubts can merge with them to be gifted with supernatural strength and special abilities.

You play as one of these wielders (yours would have ghost-like powers) with you and several friends trying to solve the mystery of your powers and the strange disappearances in your city.

This isn’t really an update as it is an ‘inventory’ of the things I plan on putting in the game, but here it is:
KEY(•= definitely happening / -= might)

you WIILL be able to choose if you want you character to be male, female, or androgyn.

their will be at least one romantic partner to choose from, though I’m a bit iffy on changing Tracy’s gender in any way from his default. There will be subplots within this subplot, but that’s for another time(and place) to discuss in full.

I WANT to have you able to choose your kind of style(or at least presentation), but I’m sure it would take coding I’m just not ready for.

-Malleble Powerset:
I’m, again, not sure how I would go about this, but I would definitely what to add ‘play styles’ so that you are able to use a method that you think is best.

-Changable NPC Genders:
I think this would be interesting in theory, but it just doesn’t feel right to change what I’ve already set in place just for romantic subplots.

-‘Set’ Story:
What I mean by this is a default setup and character personality that you would play the game around.

This is one of the things I would want to add above more minor things, as it would let me both right my story as intended and let others play as they please.

Clockwork Army did this, and I want to do something like that as well. If you want a bit of an idea:

The main character would be a black-haired, silver-eyed boy named Lielle Meli, a shy and somewhat troubled teen who is more likely to respond logically than emotionally in most unexpected situations.

So there it is in all its…okay, it’s not exactly worthy of ‘glory’, but…here it is!


What kind of variables (if any) would you have in your project?

Can you specify the Connection Between the Title and the Story?
I don’t know if its just me , But I don’t see a relation between them :slight_smile:

I take the “Do You Doubt” title to mean, “do you think of changing”

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Ok , Now i Get it :slight_smile: .
BTW I personally think its a Great Idea :slight_smile:

This sounds so damn awesome!!! By any means, please make this game come true!!!

I will be tracking the WIP!

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I like the story idea

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