District X: Uprising (WIP)

nice,i like it, the scene talking deacon down after throwing a knife to the wall was amazing, maybe you should add a choice when he says that we are less skilled than the rest and give us the option to beat him , but beating him in argument is good enough too, aaah i really like our mc baddass personality :smile:

Is it supposed to be a download?

Yea, the link works but I haven’t found a way to have just the link. Dropbox isn’t my friend.

Can’t go on it to do with Dropbox

I believe I fixed it, though it’s still going to prompt you to download it.

There are instructions on how to post a direct link to your game via dropbox in this topic:

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Not entirely sure what the game is about?

However, I’m curious to see the game grow and more to be added. Currently it sounds somewhat promising.

Is it just me or whenever theres a hunting scene it always makes me feel like I’m in the hunger games and I got to use my bow cause it’s cooler, to use. One mistake I would mention is when you wrote told on some of the parts it’s suposed to be said. For examle bailey grined I knew you would come, she said. The only time you would use told is if someone told you something like a command or something like that the english language, is weird with all there pretenses.

Gotcha, thank you I’ll read over them and try to catch them and change them.

I liked the play through of it but at some parts the grammar was appalling.

I love the story and the characters so far. Great job on everything!

I enjoyed the I hate everybody options it leads to much more conversation time.

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this wip seems pretty interesting i cant wait to see how it goes

Me like. :blush:

Not sure how I missed it before, but the premise sounds very interesting. Good characters too, I think. Please do keep at it. :relaxed:

@TheBum i really like this! I cant belive i missed this! :grinning:
usually i am a very observant person! hope you keep working on this. :grin:

Don’t let this WIP die. This has a lot of potential.

Awesome game and I hope @TheBum (awesome name) is still working on it (don’t know why but it reminds me of The 100 and I love that show)

Really nice demo :slight_smile: hope you choose to continue it

The intro makes this one rather scared… Correcting an intro is never a good sign. Escalading- Escalating

Also I seem to have broken your game. Too much Loner I guess. Popup said Dropbox exception.