Different looking text in game


I am working on a game that deals with people writing e-mails and IM back and forth.
I would like to make that certain text a different appearance in some way so that the reader can see what is being written as an e-mail and know what is any other text in that scene and not get confused.

I know could use quote marks or [i] or [b] to create the difference but I wondered if there was anything else I can do to make certain text appear different. Maybe a different font? I know you can change the text font for the whole game but I wondered if you could for just certain parts. I don’t think you can though so I’m not sure what to do. I could just use quote marks but felt that would be weird since e-mails don’t have “” <-- those around them =p

Any ideas anyone?


I would imagine you could set the font to change for a particular scene of the game. So you could have it so all the email/IM scenes are on one page in one particular font, and then use goto temp_scene or whatever it is to go into those scenes at the right parts of the game. IDK if that would actually work, but in theory I don’t see why not. Suggestion, you could use your phone(assuming you have a smartphone that has separate conversations and those instantly recognizable txt bubbles) to kinda do the same conversations you want, take a screenshot, put it on your computer, and then insert it as a picture.


I’d suggest just start each email message and IM with a heading of the fake email addresses/user names you’re using, and fake the differences that way. That should distinguish things enough.

To: email@fakefake.com
From: other@email.com

Blah blah here is my email.

You can change the font for sections of the game. The method of doing this isn’t supported by Choice of Games though.

I’d guess the method is similar to the method you use to code in tags that will make the text different font colours.


That’s a great idea for starting the emails! thanks.
And I guess I could even use that for IM as well like:

SomeOnesName: they said this and that

You: what you said back.

Yep I think that will work! thanks everyone!
Idk why I didn’t think of that DX