Difference between day and year is not very clear


Just recently I was reading a thread posted January 14th of this year, and thinking someone necroed a thread from over a year ago until I noticed that it didn’t have the apostrophe in front of the 14. Thread necromancy (with people asking about a game that’s been dead for months) is a continuing if not exactly critical problem we’ve had on these forums for a while, and it seems like simply changing the way dates are displayed to show the entire year on posts that are over a year old would help cut down on unintentional necromancy quite a lot as it’d be that much easier to see how old the last post was and consider whether it was worth responding to or not. Sure it’s not a huge thing, but if (I am of course assuming here) it’s not a huge amount of work to fix then why not fix it?


:stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was a thread by some little kid or a troll wondering how the year and day is displayed through the earths motion. The title is a little well weirdly phrased.

Anyways i have never been confused with the month and date in the forum. Sure it takes a little time to differentiate it but for me i don’t believe it needs to be changed. But again i have hardly ever browsed older threads.


Probably a something to bring up on the actual discourse forums rather than here.


I had no idea that existed and still don’t know what it is… Er… what is it?


The discourse forums seem to be forums for discussion of the system this forum runs on. ChoiceScript did not create the forums from scratch, they borrowed the system from another web site. Discourse is the other web site. I think reaper wants questions about how the forum’s code works as opposed to forum rules and the like to go over there.