Devil's High Noon { Very early WIP }

Cowboys, werewolves and deals with the devil… what else?

You come back to your hometown after ten years of absence. Everyone thinks you were killed along with your family on that fateful night.

You still don’t know what happened, but you will find out.

Current total wordcount; ~3700 words [very rough preview]

x x x

  • A supernatural western with a dash of horror.
  • M/M romance.
  • Help resolve the conflict between the town and the nearby pa- I mean tribe; or don’t.
  • Make a deal with the devil… or make the devil make a deal with you.
  • No stupid stat checks, only choices in my game. /lh

x x x


You were born and raised in the town of Devil’s Shade. The legend says it was founded by the devil himself; he needed shelter from the merciless sun, so he built one.

You’re a werewolf. Your kind is thought of as nothing but myths and fairytales by most folk, but some know better. You suspect this was the work of one of these overly superstitious people, who find out too much but understand too little.

Your mother was a wolf like you, but your father was not. He stood no change against her possessed werewolf form. You, however, managed to escape. He sacrificed himself for you.

After years of being eaten alive by the trauma, you decided to come back, seeking closure.

And justice. You seek justice.


Lakeside Cliff
Cliff represents the nearby tribe of natives when they need to make contact with the outside world. He’s their shaman and a wolf like you. He’s very polite, but also very distrustful. Oh, and fiercely loyal.

Jeremy Skyward
The most shady sheriff a town could ask for. Jerry’s avoiding the law… by being the law. Still, as suspicious as he seems, he’s been nothing but nice and seems to genuinely care about the townsfolk.

Frederick Masterford
Your main suspect, but you’re not sure how exactly Masterford fits into the puzzle. He’s what you’d call a hunter of the… strange, inhuman. He’s grumpy and drinks too much. Is that guilt? Loneliness?

Eric Parlins
A mysterious barman who knows way too much. Not a wolf, but you highly doubt he’s human.

Potential Questions

What about The Collective Welcomes You?
I decided I needed a break from my other wip. Imagine it as a cosmic horror tentacle monster - I got all tangled up in it and got stuck. Besides, I’ve been feelin the call of cowboys and werewolves for a while now. I must write this, it is unavoidable lol.

Will there be portraits of the ROs?
I may eventually draw them, but no artbreeder. I swear to the god I don’t believe in, no artbreeder [sobs shakily] /lh


Feedback encouraged and appreciated!


cowboys, werewolves AND gay. I’m excited!
uh just letting you know
"Maybe I wouldn’t be this shocked if if it "
you wrote if twice, idk if you want like people posting typos and stuff
Can’t wait for more!


OH Thank you for pointing it out, that happens sometimes when I lose focus lol. And yeah posting typos is appreciated!

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Supernatural Western, that’s a genre I haven’t seen too often. Looks very interesting so far, though!


Minor update, I fixed the typo and added some words, the demo is now at 2k words! I also added a quote at the beginning because it felt fitting (⁠~⁠‾⁠▿⁠‾⁠)⁠~


Hey0 everyone, I hope it’s ok to ask for a little help ;v; Could anyone tell me their opinion on my pacing? I know the story has just started, but is it moving forward too fast so far? I don’t want it to seem rushed, but lots of filler text isn’t a good thing either 0_0 I’m still figuring out the right amount of words per event

The pacing seems fine, if anything the demo is a little uneventful. Throw in a little bit of skill customization? I’m more put off by the 1st person narration, if I’m being honest, I’d rather choose how MC behaves and what they think.
I don’t intend to criticize your decision to make it m/m exclusive but I want to make sure you know it will affect the IFs popularity (and the amount of feedback you’ll receive) and that might be discouraging.

The demo is uneventful because so far it’s an introduction; the interesting stuff will happen later. And I’ll try to add more customization choices, but certain things must remain predetermined for lore’s sake (like in Fallen Hero for example). The point here is to replace the frequent but meaningless choices with less frequent choices that have a bigger impact on the story.

I’m aware this choice will affect the IF’s popularity, but frankly, I don’t really care. I want to write something I’ll enjoy writing, something I can be proud of. M/M is what I’m most interested in and most comfortable writing. I’m okay with asking for feedback if needed instead of getting tons of it if I enjoy what I’m writing C:

I hope this doesn’t sound too negative, I genuinely appreciate the feedback and I’ll keep what you said in mind, so tysm! (⁠^⁠∇⁠^⁠)⁠ノ⁠♪ /gen


Oooh~ I like this. Looking forward to updates :slight_smile: Keep up the good work

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Thank you!

The next update will be pretty soon, I have Fred’s convo written (~700 w), I just gotta finish Eric’s!

After that you’ll meet the other two ROs and I’ll start dividing the story into paths E:<

You might also get some more insight into your character’s… other side.


I enjoyed the story so far, our characters paranoid attribute is so relatable because of his other form :grinning:
my gosh, this hunter has a lot of silver on him :laughing: (understandably so :grinning:)
I’m looking forward to the chat between hunter and us :laughing:
The barman is so suspicious… :face_with_monocle:


UPDATE! 1855 words have been added!


I like the premise of this game, but is there any chance u will add f MC or nb MC please? If u cant thats okay

From the description, it’s meant to be a M/M romance, so it’s unlikely

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If it’s gay, I’m going to play! lol but I’m seriously intrigued so far. Happy writing/coding!


M/M Romance, I’m in !

I loved the teaser, how engaging the story is, it’s still the begining but there is a definitely a big potential !

I really hope we can meet other ROs soon. And I want to see more reactions from “common folk” about MC reapparance.

Plus, guys, readers, tell me, don’t you think Eric looks like the Devil ?

Tell me I’m curious ! ~

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