Developer Wiki

This has been brought up before in the Google group: why not let the community maintain the Choice Script documentation in a developer’s wiki? The official documentation is woefully incomplete and out of date, which is understandable since maintaining a documentation is a lot of work better spent writing new games and developing the interpreter.
However, a user-maintained wiki could quickly provide a solid documentation for newbies and veterans alike.

Sounds like a good idea, have been thinking about making a choice script game myself so would deffinately benefit from it.

Definitely worth doing, I’m not so hot on the technical aspect of why things in Choicescript may not work but I’m good at writing and explaining things so I’d love to contribute and maintain something like this if it was set up!!

Kinda unclear about.what the topic is about… I have an idea bout what the top might be but I’m not sure… so can any clarify it for me please… thanks and duces!!!

Lol sorry bout the grammar error… kinda was in a rush… peace…

it’s basically just a proposal to set up a user-maintained instruction manual (wiki) for the choicescript language to replace the good-willed but fiendishly incomplete official documentation. should be useful for everyone!

Lol ooh thanks Dom!

don’t mention it :wink: always happy to help!

Part of the reason we’ve been slow to open forums/wiki is fear that we’ll spend too much time cleaning up maintaining them (and cleaning up spam) instead of working on new games. :slight_smile: But we agree that a wiki is definitely a good idea; it’s something we hope we can get to soon.

I think as the community grows and connections are made, eventually you’ll have enough passionate regular contributors to make the issues you mentioned, Dan, almost non-existent. Of course as you know the inner workings of Choicescript you’d probably have to correct things from time to time but it would only be as long as you spend on the google group at the moment!

of course, we could create our own wiki - there are numerous sites to do so on, for example wikia. In fact there now (well, with very little) a . I definitely support this idea - but think it should be for developers, consumers, and fans.

Is the Choicescript team ok with a user-made developer wiki on wikia? Otherwise, it would be great to get an official wiki. There is obviously a need for more documentation and a wiki would mean that the choicescript team doesn’t have to use their time to maintain it.

exactly, and surely a wiki maintained by reliable users would save the time that guys like dan spend every week correcting issues on the google group - far better to answer the question once and put it on the wiki rather than repeat it to every new user on the forums and the google group.

I think this is an awesome idea. I am brand new to the ChoiceScript family and I think it is a magnificent piece of work and needs a wiki and documentation worthy of the engine itself.

I for one would be glad to set it up and pay for the hosting if others would be willing to contribute and it is ok with the ChoiceScript folks. I would certainly like to give back to the community in some way because this is a strong framework for creating interactive fiction.

I’d love to contribute to the wiki if it was set up.

Has this been established? because I was looking at choice script and I am just to lost to make it work and have a game.

Unfortunately, I don’t think anything like this has really been set up yet. If other community members are interested having a user-made wikia for ChoiceScript, I wouldn’t mind helping maintain or contribute, but I lack the time to even get a simple tutorial done myself.

For now, I know some people on the forums have started tutorials. I have one that gets you through the very basics here:

Just be aware that it assumes you have no idea what you’re doing. Should help you get started, though.

If it is ok’d by CoG then I would be happy to host it on my site for the user input version, I could set it up tomorrow night just let me know.

I think It’d be really good, and I am sad that this thread dies last year. Hopefully It will come about.

As to @CS_Closet, seeing how I have no idea this seems to help. Ill go more into it when I am not working this evening. thank you for this.

If the CoG partners are happy for us to do it, I’d be more than happy to contribute too.