ChoiceScript Documentation

Every so often I find myself tripping over CS features that are not in the Introduction to ChoiceScript - Choice of Games LLC and associated more advanced pages.

Is there any other documentation source I could look at?



It’s community run, so a little patchy and variable in quality, but ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom is invaluable.


I have also been experiencing some difficulty, I remember that I only learned that the length function existed when I was reading a post on this forum related to some other subject.

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I discovered a page by @Choicehacker in the Wiki on Arrays - I could have used this earlier but nothing links to it. Do you know if there is any reason why not?

How do you mean? The wiki is unofficial so CoG aren’t going to link to it. There are plenty of links to it scattered around in help threads though. I don’t think arrays are a wildly popular feature (difficult to say if that’s down to complexity or because they’re not well advertised).

I meant there is no link to it within the Wiki. I only found it because I was thinking of writing arrays up myself and it told me that the topic already existed.

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Ah, in that case it’s just that no one thought to. It’s also not public, unfortunately, to prevent misuse and there are limited contributors.

Perhaps you could add the link then…? It’s quite a useful page.

Sure, happy to give you edit permissions as well, if you have a fandom account.

I added both “Arrays” and “Params” to Important Concepts.
I also updated the Editor (“Admin”) list, and many have long since moved on. We could do with a few more really.


OK, thanks. StephenXHart

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Done :slight_smile: