Demon: Recollect (WIP) |Full Demo|

Lol I just saw it and was gonna write it well

Happy reading I know I will be happy!!!


Wait whereeeee? I’m so hyped up with the release and can’t seem to find it anywhere.


Same. I have been looking for a solid 5 minutes.


On the site or the omnistore. It was available around 17h in France, like I said ^^

But I don’t see the other game (too different).


It comes next week, according the Steam data

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It’s out. Check the hosted games archive. And here’s the thread for the game: New Hosted Game! "Demon: Recollect" By B'athala


The buy button may press charges for how hard I just hit it


Congratulations for the release. Happy reading everyone

OMGGG very excited to play it!!! Followed this since the release of the wip, I think, and it’s super great it’s out :smiley:

This will now be my de-stressor for our online class.


#spoiler (if u havent played the game don’t read this)

Why did u have to make it end like wit that cliff hanger…I am really really really (×10000 really)
So frustrated and I feel like I can explode.
But on the bright side
that was one hell of a fight with Ares and it was so cool how the mg regained his powers…a question though is lillith the mc enemy???..cause it said that both lucifer and the mc feared her and didn’t wanna bring upon themselves her wrath and second is grim the son of a god cause lillith called him godling…and last but not least is the monkey king on our side or do we have to fight him to regain his loyalty and what not??.

Congrats on publishing that game it was really an amazing story and can’t wait for the sequel.


Maybe im missing something or im not understanding it. I’ve chosen brutality every time but i can only get it to 68 or 69 (in chapter 5 during the fight with grim it reaches 72) Also for the demon stat, can you die in your first encounter with alloy and ember? Because i can only die the 3 times before chapter 5. (The sparing match with ember and the 2 deaths on the roof of the auction)


How do I get an odd message from an unknown number?

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This is so great!! I just finished the game and wow~ I want the second book already​:star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Okay… I’m kinda slow but Ares is Warwick right? Aside from that… I’m happy to see Dante alive in the end but… why do I have a feeling it’s not that easy? As if something’s wrong with him or is it the trauma that caused it? He was impaled right? As in his chest?? How is he still alive? Oh I have too many questions

Who are part of MC’s team? I mean I can only think of Lucifer and Monkey King, Is Lilith part of it or someone else?

I’m gonna play the game again and change my choices, I want to see what will happen if I keep on killing myself. I can’t believe my cute little fluff ball is Cerberus :sob::sob: and Glitch being a spy? oh someone is gonna die the next time MC sees him.

I only played the Crime Lord path so I’m picking another route the next time I play and then Comment here again. The game didn’t disappoint, It’s so nice and great that I would recommend everyone in my house to play but they hate text based games… Too bad for them.


That’s the biggest dick move of a cliff hanger. Why would you do that? Now I have to wait for the next part!!! BTW being a villain is a lot easier than being a hero just saying from experience. Oh and one more thing… This is the best book/game I’ve ever downloaded. Top of my top 5 games list.


No you cannot die when fighting against Alloy and Ember. If you die enough during the rooftop fight, you should be able to call Azazel against Grim. Do you accept him after retrieving the Godsin?

You shouldn’t take the Sentinel flier in hospital. This path lets you join the Broken and you can contact Greed, who is a thief, a Broken member and a RO. Unknown number message is coming from Greed.

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Since the game already out, maybe this thread should be closed and the demo be taken down…? @ a mod

Thx you very much

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@moderators Could you please close this thread, since the game has been completed and released? Thank you.

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