Delusion Gallery

I wanted to share a visual novel with you all—I had the privilege of working on it as as co-writer and (to a lesser degree) co-programmer with a truly amazing team.

It’s a short impressionistic horror game called Delusion Gallery, and you can download and play the whole thing for free on itch!

It tracks stats and has nine endings, and the game changes on different play-throughs as well. It was a really wild ride planning it out and writing it, and particularly learning RenPy on the fly, but it was also super fun!

From the description:

You, the MC, stumble inside a strange building you’ve never seen before—a wax gallery full of faceless exhibits. Two mysterious curators live in the museum, but for some reason, neither seems to know about the other. You have hundreds of questions, but you’re not sure whether you want to hear the answers….


  • Genre: Impressionistic horror
  • Rating: PG-13 (language, violence, disturbing themes)
  • 9 endings
  • ~20,000 words
  • Hugely non-linear; every play-through is very different

If you try it out, I really hope you enjoy! And would love to hear what you think, if you like, of course.

You can view the opening video here:


Oh wow, I don’t know how I missed this @Fiogan. Loved the atmosphere created by the dark sketchy graphics and sound effects. (Especially Langley with those wide open pale eyes shivers) This story has a really creepy mystery/horror vibe- I know I shouldn’t stay, but I want to keep going back until I can work out exactly what’s going on!

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Thanks so much for the kind words! I really appreciate it.

Langley was my co-writer’s character; I’ll pass along the good word. ^^ (Kerrill was my glorious mess.)

Just a note—do make sure to start a fresh game after you finish your first play-through, if you do play again…things change, when you do. :D

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Oh! I was wondering why I kept ending up with ending 1 or 2 from the saved files, thanks for the tip. I’ll do a fresh game start next time I play and see what happens.

I really liked Kerrill as well, the whole thing was super good. (I was just picking on Langley because there was that one scene where the artist drew Langley with his eyes wide open that kind of creeped me out a bit. Very vampire-ish.)

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Aye, the other endings start triggering once the new game registers that you’ve completed certain endings already. In retrospect, we should have written a note somewhere to that regard…things you miss with games written in a month. ^^; But good to know for next time I do something of the sort. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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That’s amazing you got that finished in a month :grin:. No inconvenience, it’s just it’d just be a shame if people playing are missing some of the possible endings if they’re restarting from saves. Would it be possible to add a note to the game page even if it can’t be added to the game itself?

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Oh, that’s a good idea! I’ll mention to my colleague who maintains the itch page. Thank you. ^^

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