Deleting files on dashingdon?

I uploaded a bunch of files to Dashingdon to test my game, but have since renamed several scenes and condensed some things to fewer files. However, the closest I can come to deleting those old files is uploading blank ones with the same names. Since haven’t made anything public yet, I considered just deleting the project and remaking it, but after testing that strategy with a different name it looks like I can’t create a new game with the same name, even after the original has been deleted. Am I stuck with the superfluous files/a different game name?


This is something @dashingdon should address - you might also copy-paste this post to his Dashingdon’s thread, he might see it sooner.


Thanks; I know it’s not a general CS question, just wasn’t sure where else to put it. Sorry for the uneccesary new thread!

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