DeFrosted - Steal the identity of a calculated capitalist oligarch or an anarchistic rebel hero and influence the outcome of the war after you're defrosted in a dystopian future

An exploration of right-wing vs left-wing ideology, politics, and psychology.

Through a sequence of coincidences you take the place of an oligarch in his cryochamber and are defrosted in a wartorn future (right wing govt vs left wing rebels) where you can assume either the identity of the oligarch (and inherit his wealth, control the govt, crush the rebels) or assume the identity of the oligarch’s assassin (inherit the favour of the rebels, inspire an uprising, overthrow the govt), or, a third main storyline, you can try to mediate the two sides, standing in the middle.

You can play here:


The correct choice is clearly to stand in the middle and let the people be oppressed by a totalitarian government that would kill them for convenience but, like, a little bit less than if you weren’t there. Like some totalitarian oppression is fine. Let’s not get too crazy.


Found a bug: one line 554: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

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Or at the very least implant some loyal subjects in the throes of government. Probably one or two as Chief of Staff, some in the Military High Command while the rest are in the legislative branch - we don’t really need our overlord to be any more paranoid than absolutely needed after all. Just some nudging and advisory role. Fudge some numbers here and there and issue false, positive reports when necessary.

Noone should be no one

Thanks! Fixed.

Found bug whenever i choose “what did i do”

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Seems very interesting and I look forward to reading more, but I get the same error, as Den. “one line 183: Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *goto” whenever I select “What did I do?”. Cheers.

Big update pushed today.

Thanks for the feedback everyone – I fixed all those bugs and made several other improvements.

I’d love to hear what you think of this new and improved version :slight_smile:

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Well, I think that the attraction that the sides should have is that they not only enjoy personal or selfish benefits, but also a parallel greater good so that any of the narratives that exist in the sides is equally attractive and the choice of side does not seem obvious. to be

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When creating your name and the name of the place you live, it might be nice to have a few pre-written names to choose from as well as the option to write your own. Also, when speaking to Felt about if I was the silent bolt, I wish there was an option to admit it without seeming super proud of murder? Like, “yes I did, but it was an accident”.

Thanks Emz! Those are great suggestions. I’ll definitely add some pre-written names so the player doesn’t have to pause to come up with them if they don’t want to do that.

I’ll also review the option when you say “I am the Silent Bolt” and possibly fragment it so you can do it in two or three ways, rather than having just one super-intense way of claiming that identity.

Do you have any other feedback? It’s really useful!

Hey Francisco, thanks for playing the game, and thanks for taking the time to write me some feedback! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. Both sides will have good justifications and good reasons for fighting in the war. Neither side is evil, and neither side is good. Both sides have some good reasons, and both sides have some bad traits.

Is that what you are talking about?

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Yep Because for example in the Far Cry 6 game there were people who equally supported the villain and LIBERTAD equally, at least here in Mexico. LIBERTAD was supported for obvious reasons and Anton Castillo for the beautiful nationalist vision with the Vivito as well as the promise of a Country with order and Progress rather than living in a failed state because of LIBERTAD. If it is this type of duality that makes anyone feel that the narratives of both are good and it would only be necessary to adjust some details related to their defects.

Fixed. Game had a big update yesterday. It’s changed a lot now, for the better. I invite you to play again :slight_smile: Your feedback is really appreciated.

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I’m intrigued by the premise. Using the flashback with the mogul to flesh out stats was a nice touch. I can’t say as much for the contrived conflict with the brothers. It’s a wonder they’ve survived this long!

Not a fan of the immediate question of allegiance. The bit about the Right’s inevitable DNA test seemingly dooms any prospect of identity theft. Goes over like a lead balloon. It is reminiscent of my Skyrim campaign, I was rather apathetic towards both factions. Hopefully, your work will avoid the same pitfalls.

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Thanks so much for your feedback! And thanks for playing!

You’re right the brotherly conflict is quite contrived. I’ll rework the text to make it more believable. I thought it was passable for the teen audience on CoG but maybe I underestimated the audience’s need for realism.

With regards to the DNA test – at the point it’s mentioned the text makes clear that you can steal Mr Doll’s hair and use it to pass the test. Maybe I should reinforce that fact a second time so nobody else misses this crucial info.

If you’re apathetic towards both factions, you can reject them both! :slight_smile: There is a “middle path” for players like you :slight_smile: Previously I made this path hidden so you only know about it after you reject both sides. Your feedback has made me think that I should let players know about the middle path from the start, so that players who are apathetic to both factions will know from the start that the game offers them a satisfying storyline.

Thanks so much for playing! Your feedback is so valuable. I listen to everything people say on here, and I use the feedback to improve the game. So come back soon and play again after the next update! :smiley:

Wait, what’s the average age on CoG forums? I was thinking it was like, early to mid 20s.

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