Dead 'til Dawn - Interactive Fiction-ish Tabletop Game

Hey! My name is Steve, I wrote a game here called Mobile Armored Marine. I’ve created a tabletop game, and I’m sure that if you like Interactive Fiction, you’ll love it!

The game is called Dead 'til Dawn, it’s a zombie game that plays like a group narrative “choose your own adventure.” It’s live on Kickstarter now, and fully funded, so you know you’ll get a copy if you back the project! The game plays 3 to 8 players, and the best part is that if you die in the game, you simply switch teams and can still win as a zombie!

Take a look at the Kickstarter, if for nothing else, to see our fun campy zombie video my friends and I made to promo it! Thanks for your time!


This looks pretty cool, and it’s great that it was a success on Kickstarter. Good luck with your game’s release!

Oh, and I also enjoyed Mobile Armored Marine.

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