Dead Men's Tales [WIP - Demo] Updated Jul 29


Dead Men’s Tales is a paranormal adventure game set in the Old West.

Here’s a quick synopsis, beware plot spoilers!

You play as a doctor/mortician in the established boomtown of Perdition, Nevada, the central town of Mayfield County. However, you moonlight as a hunter of what you call “tempests”, monsters that plague the frontier. Defeating everything from spirits, to wolfmen, to undead, you find yourself one day taking on your deadliest foe yet – a powerful demon who has stolen your soul. Work to protect, avenge, or learn, and try not to lose yourself in the process.

A bit about game mechanics.

Stats System

Pretty basic stats, as the game relies more heavity on situational solutions and understanding what you’re up against. You can handle things differently, but sometimes a certain action or tool is the only way to defeat a certain obstacle.

As such, there are only four basic stats: Perception, Intelligence, Combat, Persuasion. Persuasion can be Charm or Intimidation depending on your personality.

Personality System

Dialogue choices will form your personality. As your traits grow more extreme, you will get changes in your unchosen dialogue at certain moments. The dialogue options you have will never change, so you can change your personality freely until a certain point in the game.

After you lose your soul, your personality will play a HUGE role in finding it, so you will need to stick to your personality, be it strong or in the middle.

Relationship System

Rivaly, friendship, romance all play a part in the game to varying degrees. There will be a decent cast of characters, and since gender-neutral protagonists are possible, I’ve decided to make each of the 6 RO’s “MC-sexual”, I just didn’t want to complicate it too much. The sexualities of the characters, however, will not all be ambiguously bi, and scenes will change depending on gender choice.

It’s also interesting to note that rivalry and romance are two seperate stats, so you could start a romance with someone who you don’t get along with if you play your cards right.

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, etc., just let me know. I’m always looking for cool monster and spirit lore or general ideas to work in.


Is there anything to play? When I click the link, it says play again. Is that supposed to happen?

It says coming 6/27
I guess that’s the demo release date

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Yeah, I just put up a link so I don’t have to edit the first post. Demo will be out by 6/27, maybe sooner. Sorry for any confusion.

The premise sounds really cool!!! :o Can’t wait for the demo to be out!

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God dang it… I like flipping on a dime…


You can technically do whatever you like. :wink:

Sounds fun. Here are some more words to get to 20 characters.

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Ohhh I like that. This wip sounds like fun. Most of the stuff I know about lore comes from Supernatural and Hollywood, but I’ll help if I can.


Can’t wait to play it sounds good

always love anything wild-west themed

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Can I get bitten my a vampire or werewolf and become one? :astonished:


I loved Supernatural way back in the day, I learned a lot from it so I might have a bit of lore inspired by what I’ve seen from it. Though maybe a bit less convoluted, lol.


Wendigos and Sasquatches, please? The latter will help fill my Red Dead Undead Nightmare vibes.

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Wendigos are a guarantee! They belong to a different area of the U.S., but I will break traditional lore to include them because they’re great. I might give them a different name, though.

I’ll see about Sasquatches.


@Lizzy I don’t plan on it, lol. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about. Maybe I’ll have something like it if it fits, or maybe it’s better plot for a sequel of some sort. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the triple post, but the link has been updated with the demo, which runs through the prologue just before you take on your first case of the game.

Hope you enjoy, please let me know of any problems. I’m gonna go the heck to sleep, but I will be back to take a look at the issues. Hopefully nothing gamebreaking, lol!

Please note that not all variables are changing with certain choices, so if you don’t notice a change it’s porably because I haven’t included it yet. Will address this once I get some rest. :wink:


Paranormal AND the Frontier…

Two of my most favourite things in one :grin:

Playing the demo rn :slight_smile:

I updated the title to show update date.

Loving the WIP so far, but whenever I chose an option that affected my personal stats, the stat(e.g. meanness, superstitious) would increase when I chose the opposite option.