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Is there a way to create a subfolder/subdirectory on Dashingdon? For example, my game has quite a few images embedded in it, so I created the folder ‘pics’ when coding the game & shoved them all in there. That means all image references in the game are for…

*image pics/insert_image_name_here.png

Thus uploading the files to Dashingdon right now as is means no images appear in the game (since the code is looking for a nonexistent folder/directory called ‘pics’)

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No, but you can do something like this:

*title Dynamic Folder

*comment `res` is short for "resources"
*create res "pics/"

*comment Remove or comment the line below when ready to publish your game
*script /dashingdon|moody\.ink/i.test(window.location.href) && (window.stats.res = "");

*image ${res}title.png

So, when running your game locally or when you send it to be published, *image ${res}title.png will look at pic/title.png but when running on DashingDon or Moody.ink it will be just title.png without the folder prefix.


The *script command should be on the startup file after declaring all the variables. You only need to include it there, just once.

Edit 2:

By “publish your game” I mean send it to CoG. When uploading to DashingDon you should keep the *script command since it’s the one doing the trick to set res to an empty string, but only on DashingDon.


Hi Don,

I have been using your site to host my WIP, An Unexpectedly Green Journey.

I can’t log in right now and assumed it was because I forgot my password. I have sent a password reset request on the site several times, but no email has come back.

Could you send me a temporary password, please? Just sent an email to you (dash@donelliston.com)

Great work with the site btw!!!

Best wishes!

EDIT: Thanks Don, all sorted now.

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Thanks a lot! Was searching for the reason why

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Hi, i feel really dumb for overlooking/not figuring out if it’s possible myself but is there a way to edit the name of an existing demo on dashingdon?

I know how to change the name itself in the files and everything works but I mean the name it’s posted under when I go to edit details. there’s not an option to change it from what I can see?

I believe you will need to make an entire new upload with the new title in the save.

This belongs in the Dashingdon thread, so I’ll move it.

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I can change it manually. Please feel free to message me. Thanks.

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Hi @dashingdon. I appear to be locked out of my account (I was on a different computer and didn’t have my password so made the mistake of trying to set a new one). I’ve since tried to change my password a few times but no emails are coming through and the original password no longer works. Is there a way for me to recover my account please?

Please send a message to dash@donelliston.com from the email account you have registered with dashingdon.com (to verify ownership of the account) and I will reply with a temporary password.

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Need a password reset! I sent an email!

I had heard Dashingdon wouldn’t be updating to the newest CS update, is there anywhere to read updates like this and is it confirmed?

The issue is that updating the code base breaks the custom stylesheets, so I have to allocate time to make adjustments. Moody.ink is easier to update since it does not have custom stylesheets but I haven’t yet spent the time on that either. I’ll try to get both updated this week, hopefully.