Dark Mode- How?

Hi, Fonts of Knowledge,

For a long time I have wanted to add a dark mode option (and maybe a sepia in between) for my WIP. I know I have to look into the CSS and HTML but don’t really know what I’m doing in linking it back to Choice Script.

Are there any guides or any posts (which I can’t find) which cover how to do this, in a ‘For Dummies’ kind of way?

Any help is most appreciated!

I’m not sure if it’s possible on Dashingdon. But if you compile your own html file and upload it on the forum or on a website like itch, the colour options are there as an option on the menu under “settings” in the same way they are in published games.

Example here from a recently-compiled game:

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Actually, the “Classic” style has dark mode, so all you need to do is pick that one instead of the one you’re using. (I’m pretty sure it’s the default one?)

(In the game settings, where you can pick the css style. But like I said, I’m pretty sure that’s the default one, so you’ve had to change it at some point.)

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@HannahPS @LiliArch

Thanks Hannah, LiliArch, really appreciate your time.

Excuse my monkey-tapping buttons skill level, this is my first project here and most of this flies above my head.

So, in a finished project, these things are already included by default?

If I compiled the game and put it on itch right now, would it have the options, similar to the Honor Bound demo?

If not, is there a guide or some tips somewhere about what to add where in the html?

Yes, I am very basic :frowning: But I can learn!!!

Well, I haven’t compiled any (or published any, for that matter), but since you’re not allowed to change such things and all the releases have it, and CSIDE playtest has it, I’d have to assume so. (I’m pretty sure the fact your game doesn’t currently have the option is due to the fact that you’re using custom css. You can totally have the background options available on Dashingdon, just not with the style you’re currently using.)

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Could it be because I’m using gothic as a font?

I use a Dark Mode to write and code in CSIDE- all I have done is change the text size and font for the game window using the CSIDE options. - In fact, I think the font options and text size I’ve picked only affect the editor windows, not the game windows, so I flubberbusted.

I think I am suffering from such a lack of knowledge of these things.

Yes, I can do it in CSDIE, but don’t know how to make it show up on DashingDon, or in general- the in-game menu option to adjust the font and background colour I mean.


I see that your game has the settings window on DashingDon- so it is down to me not knowing what to put in the HTML or CSS- any tips?

Unless you have uploaded a compiled version (instead of the .txt files) to Dashingdon, it’s a couple of clicks in the control panel (but you’ll lose the fancy gradient stat bars).

I took pictures!




Bless you!!!

Yep, this worked :slight_smile: Though I much preferred the easy reader text, the Dark Mode more than makes for it.

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No, it’s me being inept and not realising that it was there on Dashingdon as well :sweat_smile:


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