Dark as Night (Chapter One) 4/24/22

I know that but I’m pretty sure the option was referring to the franchise as a whole. Side note that would also apply to part 5, where the killer was a copycat killer.

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The premise is great, can’t wait to see more!


Look promising…I will look forward to seeing how the story evolve​:slightly_smiling_face::blush:


Ok, if I’m reading this thread right, it looks like different supernaturals will have different romance mechanics and I am absolutely here for it.

The bond-mate mechanic with the werewolves makes sense since they’re usually portrayed as supernaturals who have actual soul mates or some other kind of lifelong emotional bond. I also love how descriptive the bonding scene is; it really sells the MC’s confusion over what just happened whereas the werewolves absolutely know what just happened.

It’s sets up some really good dramatic irony since the MC currently doesn’t know whether or not they can trust two werewolves when we, the players, know that we can. Because of course you can trust your soulmate.



The more bold approach to the bondmate option is more sexually charged. While the shy option, is being swept away with a current of feeling instead.

I’m sure there is some confusion with this because even as I say Friday the 13th, it is over the series as a whole instead of just Friday the 13th. The same can be directed at the Halloween response too since it references Michael Myers being old.

That is true. Thank you for pointing that out.

Thank you! I hope you stick around for the next chapter!

Oh yeah, that would be a good pick. On top of that, there’s quite a few Carrie’s to add upon.

Yes, this is what I was going for. Thanks!

Such a compliment, thank you so much!

Aw, thanks! I hope you enjoy the next chapter just as much!

Yeah, this is indeed true! I thought it would be an interesting spin to add for the ROs. Thank you for what you’ve said. Definitely sets up for some drama, for sure!


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Not a frequent user but damn is this game looking magnum fine.


Im gonna stick like a leech


If your using the Tumblr app try opening a private browsing tab (it won’t open it into the app) and navigating to the Tumblr page and using desktop site in the browser options and it should work (depending on what phone/os your using) it’s an issue I run into alot with Tumblr on mobile. It’s a pain.

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Definitely love the premise soo far! Keep up the good work

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I’m glad to see this WIP back in this new form! I enjoyed the original one very much and this one as well and am looking forward to more!

I of course can’t speak for anyone other than myself but as an asexual person I can 100% be drawn towards someone by their physical attributes. I didn’t know that this was perceived as an inherently sexual thing as it certainly isn’t sexual at all for me.

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Will there be the option to have one of the werewolves as male and the other female?


:+1:looking forward to what’s next


This cracked me up. I’m also extremely flattered!

Thanks for the help with the work around. I don’t understand why it does that to begin with.

Yes, thank you! I need the encouragement! Let’s goooo~!

I’m excited you’ve returned and enjoy the new version. It’s always a worry that changing everything will alienate previous readers. Thanks for being here!

@Surendra999 Thank you! I will keep it going!

I’m sorry, but as I have it set I’ve got the two siblings of the same sex. It’s a preference that I would like to keep as is.

Awesome! Thanks! Here’s a tid-bit, the other two romance options will be joining in the next chapter. G & M.


So glad to see the new demo I finally read it and enjoyed the changes can’t wait for the next update


I like what you have so far, dear author! Keep up the good work :clap: :raised_hands: :+1: