Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Released Apr 4, 2024)

Yeah i meant we don’t have to rule the kingdom as a unified, and that’s the point we can appoint vassals to rule their realms and we focus in the realm which is belong to the royal house like capital and the surrounding areas, and if I recall correctly the Kingdom of Daria has 4 Duchies.


Ive played games like this before and I totally understand the concept, I was saying that with as many resources and character types as you have it will make it more challenging for us to keep stuff in stock (not as big a problem for me, I have pretty good memory), the greater problem would be for you making choices which involving all the resources and people types you made available

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I’m also surprised Sheep aren’t a resource given their importance in a past Daria game. I imagine some of the kingdoms would want to trade Wood for Sheep. [chuckles as people groan]


“My liege, the peasants are rebelling!”

“Why is that?!”

“We lack core resources!”

(5000 sheep required).


There should be sheep!

It really builds on itself. Mine tin, mine copper, have smelters turning it to bronze, have a smith make tools with it, equip a warrior to wield it.

Fun, long tech trees. Usually it’s all running smoothly and should allow you to concentrate mostly on the final product while building your foundations.

The strength of the game is that people may play at their own pace. Lay low, build up, grow strong.


Mine sheep.


Sacrifice sheep to Shadi in exchange bonus in attack could be cool


I absolutely know what you mean by this because my own project is a game. I have the same concerns about expectations. I am totally bracing myself for the equivalent of people asking me… “Hey, I ordered the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Why doesn’t this taste like steak and potatoes?” And me having to answer… “Because what you ordered in actuality is different from what you ordered in your mind.” In other words “It’s a game. An actual game. Not a piece of interactive fiction.”

I like the title, personally. One alternative might be “Daria: The Game” (but I still like your title better because it’s specific about what kind of game it is).


I really think That the title and description has to highlight this is a Turn based strategy building game. Exactly as a tabletop one. Because people aren’t used to it.

@Lucid Would it have a sort of campaign storyline With a leader and a small introduction some hero units to recruit or will be just the plain construction mode?

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I really like the original title because I think Daria:The Game sounds too ambiguous.

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So true! The title helps. The description will too. I’ll set the demo-freebie-part to a certain number of days, so that should do it, I hope.

Exactly this. You start with nothing but a few friends and some food. You build, construct, and recruit while meeting your neighbors and them meeting you.

The storyline and various actions introduce heroes who join you. Following the story gives perks and problems. One option is to simply survive and grow, then go through the story after you are powerful, but I hope to give enough perks through the story to encourage a player to do a bit of both.

In the end, the replayability will be the order you accomplish things, the random stuff that shows up at different times, and finally the player trying to achieve it all with a better time. :slight_smile:

I’d like to add a few choices that will change gameplay too, like serving good or evil gods, but these parts are still being thought about. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Shadi and Noct need some shine at least through temples and curses.


Will there be a save option? I know some WiP’s add one, but it’s kinda op at times.

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A druid hero or maybe a long lost smothering

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For beta? Maybe. At the same time, saves can break the game and have testers not test accurately. I likely won’t have it to start, then I’ll slip it in, or maybe not. The balance testing will be important and save games break that. So, maybe. :slight_smile:

Ok, closer yet. I ended up taking things much further. I’m adding a bit of a roleplaying element by adding a special new hero unit… you! Yes, the ruler will go into battle. It’ll make the questing plot a lot more fun. :slight_smile:


It’ll likely to take months if not years to finish this, i thought. Especially those details of resources, heroes, plots, etc.
This is a big project don’t you think?


All the better. The bigger, more complicated, and more in depth a game is the more I like it. At least in my opinion. I have no qualms of waiting a few months to years if it means a truly spectacular game experience


“The story about the finding of Daria.”
Should that not be “founding” of Daria?


Actually, that part is all done. :slight_smile:

It took me the summer. :slight_smile:

Right now, you can build and make everything. You can even war with the other nations, defeat them, and have their leaders join you.

It’s full of bugs and the plot has just begun. I still have a lot of special details to add, but the core of the game is actually complete. :slight_smile:


When you do choose to put up the beta, will it be a dashingdon link? I’m always on mobile so Dropbox doesn’t work