Daria: A Kingdom Simulator Beta Test (Closed)

Just a quick note: I caught a cold and have been sick the last week, so I’ve fallen behind on my beta test replies.

So, if you haven’t heard back, please be patient. I’ve scheduled the weekend to get back on track and I’ll kill those bugs then.


Version 1.18 - October 1, 2023

  • Fixed the bug error 2_kingdom line 13568 Warring Kingoms Attack! bug.
  • “Barracks, Catapults, and Keeps/Castles” encyclopedia entry loops back to own menu properly now.
  • Other menu links fixed too: Lumberjacks, Tanneries, Academy of Wizards, Taverns, Farms, Inns… many others
  • Fixed non-warring kingdom events.
  • Multiple simultaneous wars now correspondingly increase chances of attack.
  • Added achievements for beating the game on Normal within 150 and 100 days.
  • Added achievements for beating the game on Hard within 150 and 100 days.
  • Heros now need only 2 days to heal, instead of 3.
  • Added Aqueduct and Sewers to random events.
  • Added several hero interaction random quests.

At this point, I’ve responded to every message sent to me and all known errors are now fixed.


Looking to add romance to the game? Or will it be basically a simulator game.

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No romance this time.


My inbox is suspiciously empty of errors. Does this mean Beta is reaching the end?

How is the balance? I think the removal of repeated random events helped a lot. Also the fact that you can grow to overcome any challenge.

How many game days did it take to complete? I think completion in 150 days is very manageable,
but I hope I haven’t made the achievement impossible with a completion of 100 days, on Normal and Hard. That’s where this weekend’s testing will take me.


Version 1.19 - October 15, 2023

  • Able to command all stone pickaxe, bronze pickaxe, and iron pickaxe miners to stop working for easier transitions.
  • Able to command all stone axe lumberjacks, bronze axe lumberjacks, and iron axe lumberjacks to stop working for easier transitions.
  • Fixed Advice errors accidentally getting crammed together, including: farmers and food gatherers, bronze smiths.
  • Various text and wording changes.
  • Finished the descriptions!

Okay, people, we’re getting really close! At this moment, I’ve responded to all of the messages in my inbox and every known error has been fixed.

I’ve also finished my descriptions, yay!

I’ve decided to commission new artwork for the game, so that’s still in progress too.

In fact, the only thing still hanging over my head at the moment is the screenshots. This might be tricky, since I can’t just pick some good choices and remove the stuff around it. The game is just too dynamic and changing! This might be a bigger problem than I thought. I’m suspecting that I’ll use the quickstarts in some way.

So, if anyone wants to help beta test, now is your chance! Read the first message in this thread for joining instructions.

Only 2 weeks left! The goal is to submit the game by the end of October.


Version 1.20 - October 23, 2023

  • Later tourney matches no longer say “The” with gladiator name.
  • After destroying the last settlement, no more mention about word of the attack spreading or gaining distrust, they are just gone now.
  • Typo: attacks from local, foreign fixed, grief in rage fixed
  • indicated area.", quote removed.
  • Office of War’s ATTENTION is now bolded like the others.
  • (Coins -0, Iron Tools -0, and all 0s, no longer shows when none recruited
  • Removed reference to pink skin.
  • Immediate healing when gaining Ring of Regeneration.
  • Beating Jerry gives you 11 knights as reward.
  • Subsequent matches give a random number of swordsmen as a reward.

Version 1.21 - October 28, 2023

  • Unlocked Training Ground, updated the menu name to current one.
  • Regular hunters chance of food was 1-3, now 0-5
  • Skilled hunters chance of food was 2-6, now 0-10
  • Fixed skilled hunters chance of carcasses to 1-2.
  • Normal food start 50 to 70
  • Easy food start 60 to 90
  • Gift giving shows relationship increase now.
  • Removed “Other:” in Help Menu, just lists the buildings now.
  • Innkeepers using food, short food, reporting food used and food short.
  • Diplomacy, peace, demanding gift event no longer double says the relationship going up.
  • Attacking Orcs on easy never gives the largest warband.
  • Attacking Orcs on medium only gives largest warband when settlements are at 3 or less.
  • When plot forces you to attack the orcs, easy and normal difficulty responds with small war bands, hard responds with small and medium, not the largest.
  • Rewrote Norgan intro blurb.
  • Finished my Screenshots.

Version 1.22 - November 11, 2023

  • Bumped Hard Mode starting people from 3 to 4.
  • Bolded days between war attacks
  • Turned off beta options to see what final product will look like.

Almost over! Very exciting.


And so concludes the Beta Test for Daria: A Kingdom Simulator.

Link to Discussion and Game Info: Daria: A Kingdom Simulator (Releasing Early 2024)

If anyone has any outstanding feedback/errors that haven’t been sent to me yet, please let me know.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of the wonderful Beta Testers who helped me with this unique game. I appreciate your time and input immensely.


Seeking Beta Testers, again!

Daria: A Kingdom Simulator: Released on April 4th, 2024. I learned that every time I update the game, it will reset everyone’s progress. This is because the majority of the game runs in a single scene/chapter/file. As such, I am being VERY careful to limit the updates.

I’d like to gather existing beta testers and new beta testers to test the game with Beta Testing Cheats, in order to reproduce errors and make sure I don’t cause any new errors while fixing the old ones.

  • If you helped me beta test this game and you’d like to test some more, please email me at lucid519@gmail.com and let me know so I can send you a new link.

  • If you will respond and if you have time to test this game over the next couple of days, please email me at lucid519@gmail.com I’m going to limit this post-release beta test, so I’d prefer people who know they will play and will respond in the next day or so.


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This post-release beta will probably close Monday. So, if you have time this weekend and you will respond with feedback, please send me an email as mentioned in the previous post.

This might be your only opportunity to use the beta test cheats in an attempt to catch any final bugs and verify that I’ve fixed the problems found already.


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