Dancing with Demons (WiP)

Hey, guys!
While I am fine tuning The Path of Light vol. 2, I am already thinking about my next work. This time, it will be a Hosted Games app only.

It will be an urban fantasy centered around Lilith, which means that women will most likely be in the center of actions. The choice of the gender of the MC may be one of the most important ones. There will be a few interesting romance choices, especially if you are bisexual (of course) a heterosexual man or a lesbian woman but I have to somehow balance with the other options.

I very much liked the ‘how do you feel about what is going one’ question in Heroes Rise, so I guess I will put a few here and there.

Here you can find a link to the demo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/m7siqqz02so8f3r/Dancing%20with%20Demons(1).html?dl=0

I have a couple of questions towards the more advanced in terms of ChoiceScript users:

  1. What is the command for ‘if a variable is false’. If it is true, it is easy:
    *if (variable)
    What about the opposite?

  2. How do you make a variable appear with a capital letter? I am sure I’ve seen it somewhere. For example, you have the variable she that could be either “she” or “he”. How do you make that she/he a She/He?

P.S.: This time, I am going to stay close to you while progressing, posting each chapter when it is ready. I plan it to be a 90 - 120 000 word long, so it will be a longer journey.


Haven’t played it yet, but I think I can answer your question(s).

  1. Try *if (!variable) or *if (not(variable))
    I hope one if them works, since I haven’t dabbled in choice script language yet.
  2. $!{variable}

I guess I’ll play it now.

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If a boolean value is false, you go;
*if (boolean = false) or *if not (boolean).
And yeah, you put an exclamation mark after the dollar sign. If you put in two, $!!{text}, then it’ll be all caps, like a scream.

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Is there going to be more supernatural options for the beloved?

Thank you, guys.
@Dark_Stalker No, but there will be other options for romances (a vodun priestess, an ex Catholic priestess and a leader of a Satan-based cult).

I like what you have… I hope you keep it up

Ok then I’ll have to off the first one to see which is best.

I like where this is going, it seems like a variation of Supernatural (a TV show). There’s just are a bunch of spelling errors that are easy to fix

Like what @that1german said, in its current form this will need quite a bit of editing, but nothing that elbow (and finger) grease can’t solve.

On the story itself, I must say that the powers you can choose can make room for quite a bit of fun, as well as the plans you have for the beloved’s occupation. Also, are you willing to explain the Guardian alignment yet, or has that yet to come?

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I am sorry about the spelling errors. The decision to show the demo was a bit spontaneous.

@RagEgnite, I am not sure if I will keep it, but if I do, it will be related to the reputation with the Goatfather. He is the manager of the orphanage the MC briefly went to, the MCs spiritual father and the leader of a small group of demons banished from hell (consisting of a succubus, a Hellweiler dog and a wrath demon).

I understand the game is fairly recently released, and while I was having fun, my MC’s love interest was intended to be male and they kept switching between the two and wound up eventually just being female :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sorry about the mess, I really have to sort it out next week.
I am glad that you had fun :).

it was good but when your partner tells you about the dream of you saving them, I picked that my partner was
male and it keeps swapping between he/she

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I fixed a few things. Here is the new link:

Based on the number of succubi in various WiPs of mine, I guess I won’t be satisfied until making one an MC, so I am thinking about doing that.

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For the time being, the idea is to have Boolean skills (you either have them or you don’t), so I need to code that part in a way that it is not possible to pick a skill twice.

Use a *disable_reuse before the *choice command and *label command if you a *goto after the choice. Problem solved :slight_smile:


What I plan to do with this WiP is getting further and further from what I shared.Most likely, the gender of the MC will be restricted to female and she will be a succubus.

The many bugs of my previous work make me want to use a fewer number of variables. There will most likely be two opposing pairs - purity / power and protection / retribution. I want to make the features of the MC a choice of the reader, so you will be able to choose between a Nordic, Latina, Asian or African woman and between 4 types of body - model, athletic, modest or voluptious. There will be 4 NPCs to romance - 2 girls and 2 boys, each with their preference for moral values and outlook. Courtesy to @Cataphrak for coming out with this type on mechanics I plan to use and build on.

I guess in the following couple of weeks I will be busy debugging and proofreading The Path of Light 2, but I am eager to come back to this WiP.

You can still have both genders playable. Just make a male MC an incubus. It’s the male equivalent of a succubus

I know it would be the right thing to do when talking about a Hosted Games app. However, this would mean more coding and probably more bugs and this is what could literary break an otherwise good app.

I know about incubi, but if I want Lilith to incarnate into the MC, it wouldn’t make sense lorewise. See, there is probably only one demon who wants to be associated with a particular sex and that is her.

Also, I find it very difficult to write when I don’t have a more or less defined MC. For the time being, I believe I write better that way.