Cyberspace of Gods (WIP, 07/05 Demo Update) (In which you play as a JRPG protagonist)

Thank you for telling me this! I only use the metric system, so the whole feet-inch thing always confuses me lol. I guess Google was a liar this whole time, yeash.

No, the ROs set with only having preferences for men or women cannot be romanced by non-binary MCs.

To make it easier,
Asumi and Setsuna → Male MC and female MC only.
Leon and Ume → Female MC only.
Yuria and Tatsuya → Male MC only.

Everyone else is free game!

Haha, I’ve never seen Alice in borderlands, but I’ve watched one episode of SAO, and I really liked the concept of it so, yeah! Was pretty inspired by it.

I don’t really know much about vtubers, but I did my best to pick names that seem real and not really at the same time, haha.


I like the concept, it gives me SAO vibes.


It gives me No game No life or Log Horizon vibes especially the motto about no play equals no life


Google kinda rounds up the decimal figures…


very wonderful demo you have here. i have to say, im very excited at what’s to come in the future. your premise is very exciting as is your demo. it has a lighthearted feel to it. cant wait for more


Thank you everyone who popped in to check this post and play my game! It really means a lot to me.

That being said, the rest of the prologue has been updated! The whole prologue is around 8,099 words as of now.

Now, you get to…

  • Be isekai’d
  • Saved by a cosplayer
  • Get short glimpses of other cosplayers
  • And decide to grab your roommate’s shirt collar or not

It’s still quite short, but I hope you enjoy it for what it’s worth!


Thanks for the chapters!


You wrote this out as an anime type book characters feel a certain way can’t place it but they just work, love that the reader chooses the kinda MC they want to be, also making the very first roommate we meet this interesting s a good hook (I’m sensing N vibes from death note from him), Also the game testers have good character design and the writing itself s really good grammatically as well, it kinda feels like every vr anime ever and I m here for it literally have no complaints I’m just here inflate egos where it’s due.

Also asking for the typical talented cold tsundare who you win over gradually one of the ROs… I’m asking for a friend


Yo do you think it would be possible to hide combat stats When not in other world? I feel it may add more to immersion if you don’t feel it necessary then don’t bother I just thought it would be a cool feature to implement


When the words “get Isekai’d” are involved just breathing is a world ending threat (to the Mc at least)


It definitely has SAO vibes coming from it. You did a great job with the personality’s. You pick a choice and plays out exactly as it’s meant to with the personality that the mc set.

As far as I can tell I haven’t found any bugs or glitches. The grammar and spelling is on par. The only problem is that it’s short but it’s a new project so it can’t be helped. It interesting so far even it is just one chapter


I feel like there’s a touch of Overlord in the in here but maybe it’s just me


Looks interesting, will wait till chapter three to play the demo. Oh and is this will rely heavily on stats?

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Good point about the stats. It will ruin the game if they are not set up in a good way. Hopefully the game isn’t too stat based. I wanna have some fun playing this


@A_Fan Thank you for the kind words!

As for this, well, Oumi is very tsundere (but not the super violent kind) and Yuria is kinda? of a tsundere. Hope either of them appeal to you…r friend!

I could, but I think it would be quite troublesome because things you do in real life will affect those combat stats as well, and I’m the type that keeps checking the stat screen to make sure I’m not going the wrong direction haha. If many people ask for this, I could try it and see how people react, but as for now, I’ll think I’ll keep it visible. Or I could add it as another section in the stats menu, like ‘relationships’ and the ‘glossary’.

@Christopher_Bull Thank you! I’m glad you like it so far, despite how short it is lol.

I know of Overlord, but I haven’t watched it so I don’t really know what it’s about. I actually don’t really watch a lot of Isekai stuff, to be honest, haha.

Don’t worry, I’m not a fan of the games that heavily rely on stats either. This is probably going to be more choice based than anything. And I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t feel like you’re picking a wrong path, just a different one with different outcomes.

Of course, if any time in the future you feel that the game is starting to feel unfair, you are welcome to point it out!


love the story and writing style so far :3 it reminds me of SAO… I feel liek im in an isekai manga. I really like the choices, it shows the MC’s different personalities…


The next update has arrived! Chapter 1 is around 7,200 words now, so the game as a whole is around 15K words.

I made some chapter headers as well, and I think they’re not too bad, if a bit basic lol.

So, for this update, you can…

  • Punch your roommate
  • Agree to a deal
  • Customize your avatar and officially meet the other testers
  • …or refuse everything to live a normal, average life.

Additionally, there are a few extra scenes depending on the department you choose, so if you want to know where you can see what, look down here.


Education department → Leon cameo

Pharmacy department → Haga cameo

Law department → Ikuto cameo

Foreign languages department → Oumi cameo

Literature department → Hiyori cameo

Sport Science department → Ume cameo

Hope you all enjoy it, and feel free to point out anything you feel that can be improved!


Why did I just notice an interesting WIP after 2 weeks?
Anyway I’m sucker for this kind of WIP so this one definitely going to my watchlist. I’m looking forward to future update.


hey here is something wrong :sob:

when i chose the second option

chapter1 line 1230: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: $-5

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Sorry!! I fixed it, it should work now :bowing_woman:

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