Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

I have a feeling that our child is going to choose an RO, I hope it is that rock pun guy (Marcus). I like that guy.




Am I allowed to ask the reasons the reasons why the boys are superheroing? The least spoiler-y as possible if you can but, if you can’t divulge the reason because of the surprise factor, then it’s fine. Francis and Marcus seem have to such a complex reason because of family reasons. Marcus needing to be able to support his mom and his education by running him ragged, I don’t think hero-ing would help, if not to destress, so my guess is he wants to make the city safer for his mom and trying to take on as many things as he can to prove (to himself?) that he’ll be different from his father, maybe…? Francis, acting out because of something (neglect? attention from parents?) assuming a superhero persona to maybe express himself without others to judge him by his lineage? All speculation, though. :hugs:


What kind of meddling hmm?? :33
Also regarding ROs the secret ones will be people we know right? Not some random NPC


@Prism_Stars I can’t say anything here but: Bits will be revealed during romancing them (as kid) and other bits in general in the kid’s chapters.
Though it’ll be a while till we get there.

But good guesses there :wink: Not going to say what’s right or wrong

Depends on who you define ‘know’

Okay, updated the checking the café bit.
I might or might not have accidentally created a little loop that might be abused to mess with stats, but I hope i didn’t.

Enjoy. I’ll go back to coding the part in which you dream of your spouse…


The beach scenario with Francis and Marcus that no one asked for:



Also your art is pretty cute ‘w’

@MeltingPenguins like, it won’t be the hairdresser who got mentioned once and boom but someone with whom we have had a couple of interactions.

Also… do Francis’s parents love each other and have a good relationship or is it marriage for wealth and power? Just a random question

Aand will the child have equal POV chapters with the parent or a few here and there? Also can we choose how our life was before moving to this town? Friends, school, how our days were when married etc?


Though I should have revealed this before:
Francis is 17 and stands a flipping 6’1 tall.

  1. Yep.
  2. Play the hotel path for the answer :3
  3. as of now the plans have pretty much a similar number (though this installment focusses more on the parent)
  4. It’s bits and pieces here and there you’ll be able to pick from.

EDIT: Overhauling the choicetrees proper will certainly take a while. Sorry

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Okay, the choice tree should be working now and I tweaked some stuff concerning the kid’s possible other parent.
Please check those parts, folks, and tell me what you think.

Edit: ok navigating the cafe is still broken.
I’ll see to that tomorrow


breaking to my own cafe? nice :+1:


add fullstop


double table, i think

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Quick headsup:

The coding is currently eating away my last nerves in that scene.
I need to built up spoons again first before I can tackle that again. sorry.

Edit: aaaaand my comp is coming apart.
I’ll just crawl under a stone and die


Haven’t heard the spoons phrase in a while. Rest your mind well.

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We managed to find the issue… it’ll be quite a bit of work though…
But i should be able to preserve all of the mc/narrator banter


Do mind your spoons, for they are good ones, I tell you. :slight_smile:

And may you computer feel better soon too! :grin:


Still despairing over this.
Feel free to speculate about the story and chars though :slight_smile: answering stuff might hopefully help me get my mind back on track


Careful, lest you open a can of worm with bells on top! Just imagine it!



Now I am become Derailer, the destroyer of words! :ghost:

If thou gaze long into the can, the worm will tell thee to bog off. With bells.

Is it bad that the character I like best and wanted to potentially romance is married? Yes it is. :weary::sob: Did I write that? :grimacing: Er, I just enjoy it all, really. Even the meanie, in a way - if you know what I mean. :sweat_smile:


Am I right to assume you mean either Mayor or Mr Montgomery?

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While I love the mayor, I have no intentions of being a homewrecking harpy and giving Francis anymore pain as it is. Though, if written well, i might just stick with dead hubby.


None shall ever know. It shall remain hidden among the worms with bells that eat my heart after what my husband put me and my daughter through. :persevere: :triumph:

Verily indeed ever so much. :blush:


Okay, I think i found a way to get this to work (yay)
In the meantime, have a little spoiler for what happens before the Back-To-School ball if your kid is accompanied by Francis:

Francis, you're a gem, and I love you, but...

You open the door, just as Francis tugs a tissue away and rubs his eyes.
“Oh my, are you alright?” you ask.
“Yeah,” Francis sniffles a little.
Behind you, [kid] comes down the stairs. Francis stands to attention, before sniffling again.
“Hey, you ok?” [kid] worrie/s.
“Yeah… I… I got you flowers,” Francis begins, rather embarrassed. “Then I remembered I’m allergic.”