Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

To elaborate more:
Francis is genetically powered (gadgeteers etc exist too), but the reason he reacts like that has nothing to do with whether or not he has powers.

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Sounds like Francis isn’t quite confidant in their powers at that moment then
or im off base.

it will all make sense later :wink:

also, because I nearly forgot (sorry Dx )
@Prism_Stars yeah that might easily happen


A new moodboard for Francis that @MeltingPenguins insists I have to show you all D:


I see from that, the moodboard says…I’m rich, i have no friends…Please love me


Ok, so I got slapped, thankfully not in the literal sense, by my brother, who’s an art student,
who was having a conniption at the time and told me to put more effort into art after seeing Marcus, the Kid and Francis not matching their descriptions. So I did, I’m like 90% sure I have the costumes down pat, and decided to go all the way and just color it, for the hell of it.

ALSO, almost forgot, you hinted at a school, how will the PoV be divided, as running the store and going to school seems to wrestle for the players attention. And if school really is a thing, how did Marcus or even how will Marcus be able to attend if, assuming he’s part-timing, having a sick mother and having close to no tuition? Or was I hallucinating once again and Marcus isn’t poor?

This redo is my “PERSEVERE, we’re all with ya!” again.



Currently it’s summer break (June or July).
School in CoCi works a bit different, time wise (goes from 8 am to 2 pm) and different classes (no courses and AP stuff, but a set schedule more akin to the e.g. german system).
So, marcus manages with lots of stress. (school, when not on break, till 2, work from 4-8)
He doesn’t live far from where you’ll meet him next time, but yeah, if it weren’t for the help of friends and CoCi’s laws and programs in that regard he’d be screwed.

Today I procrastinated coding (no worries, I’m on it)
by making a floorplan of the cafe:

EDIT: New, updated floorplan above

Also, it looks a little like this:

The small house. Just with a courtyard with a fieldstone wall around it.
But you’ll see :smiley:


Quick update:

Next update will likely be delayed to the 20th, as I currently can’t seem to get any coding to work.
Current file for the update however, counts 9500 words with text and I figure that is about half the update now.

What you can expect however:

  • It will be possible to pick being trans via all three options at the start, not just the ‘Hey’ one. So if you are e.g. a trans guy, picking ‘dad!’ when your kid calls you now allows you to set this proper.
  • Various stat gains altered
  • First achievements available
  • More interactions with various NPCs
  • You can now set the gender and pronouns of your former spouse (if you had one)

See you then, and wish me luck to overcome this coding-block quickly.


Does that mean that there will be a flashback with them?

You will see :slight_smile:

Hmmm…to make it a proper Grand Cafe I suppose we’d have to make it successful enough to the point where we can buy the bigger, neighbouring house and connect the two


We need a tactical attack
They look to be a store
This is open war!
We shall have plain cloths people talk up our cafe at the neighboring store. A super will “accidentally” crash thru thier window

No worries. In the game there’s a passageway between the houses and the house next door is a regular private home.

EDIT: Also: total wordcount (with code) for the game so far is at 49k. And we’re still not at the end of what’s technically the prologue.


UPDATED Jan.12th 2018

As the new file is now 14k words (with code) long, I decided to update after all.

This update includes:


  • fixed several typos and continuity errors
  • fixed a bug in the stats
  • fixed a bit where no text would display if you had your kid without another human actively involved.
  • changed the size of the Plaza as well as some names


  • If you’re trans you can now pick the respective option under ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ as well as under ‘hey’ at the beginning. (this still needs fine tuning, so feedback is needed)
  • Stats now have multiple pages
  • You can now meet your rival
  • you have a chance to check out your café


When checking out the café, pay close attention to a couple of rooms. This will become important later (optional)


Over at the little passage stands a man around your age and build, dark-haired, looking at you over the rim of his half-moon glasses with narrowed eyes.

And who you might be young stranger…?

Just a concerned citizen, nothing to see here


I enjoyed the update. It gives a better sense of place, and the introduction to the rival works well.

A few things I noticed:

During the course of the conversation with Ian, my unflappable/easily ruffled score changed dramatically. It was at 54/46 and then shifted to 4/96.

I was playing as a male MC and decided to ask Marcus about his family. The text had my character call him “dear,” which strikes me as something that only a certain type of person, most of them women and probably older than the MC is likely meant to be, would ever say to a teenage boy.

Choosing to look for a back door to the cafe leads to an error message.

thanks. I’ll look into that.
Could you give me the error code about the backdoor?

EDIT: fixed the stats error. seems I forgot a + in a new choice. Sorry.

If the backdoor error was about ‘kidthemselves’ that should be fixed already.

It was about ‘kidthemselves.’ I was replaying with other choices while compiling my comment.

Oh, something else I noticed. When exploring the cafe, once you go upstairs, you can’t explore anywhere else. You very helpfully give a warning about that if you haven’t explored other places first, and you place it as the last option on the list.

But when you’re in the main cafe room, the last option on the list is to look at the newspapers, which you can’t go back to once you head for the kitchen and the private areas. You might want to reorder the choices so that they aren’t so easily skipped over.