Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

MiniVote Time:

Which looks better?
The right one would be a solid butterfly, the other filigree work.

These might potentially be made into RL merch if there’s interest (and funding) so maybe both? (right would be easier for pins, left for shirts)

  • Left, filigree one is better
  • Right, solid one is better
  • Both are good depending on what they’ll be used for
  • Neither (comment please)

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i admit that i want a mug with the logo on the right.


Almost 10k clicks on the game ;_; people i’m crying here, thank you


New Character Mini-Bio Poll: Genderfluid Edition:

  • Izzy
  • Lesley
  • Kaleydoscope
  • Cambiare
  • Artemis

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Updated the character overview. We cracked 100 names I think :smiley:


Short one this time, as Artemis is a bit of a mystery to me.


Name: ?? McKechnie
Codename: Artemis
Gender: genderfluid; non-binary leaning (amab)
Age: 26
DoB: ??
Race: white
Hair: black (with purple or ice blue streaks)
Eyes: light green
Height: 6’4
FaceClaim: Gavin Fink
Costume: A black and silver longcoat, black domino mask

Artemis is the self-proclaimed threshold between Powered Individuals and Hero-dom. Which translates to them being the receptionist at APORIA’s Assessment Unit. They are snarky as all Hell, have no nerve for ignorance, but are usually good natured. Maybe they enjoy winding people up a little too much.

The higher-ups at APORIA might be the only ones (besides Artemis’ parents) who know Artemis’ first name (though there’s speculation that Artemis IS their first name).

They’re a skilled weapon-summoner and telekinetic, but tend to overstep lines on a regular basis, getting them into trouble with people like Switchblade often enough. Nevertheless they are part of Unit 11, SPIRID’s most… peculiar team.


10k clicks

Hooray =D

Okay… errr… Q&A time?

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  1. Author’s favorite food (specific), drink (specific) and cuisine/food group (like pastries, grilled meats etc.)?

  2. Most likely to get so involved in boardgames?

  1. I’m a bit of a picky eater, but noodles, meat (pork roasts), rice with satay or curry sauce (still need to make my own of either), most things non-alcoholic, and … pastries and grilled meats is already spot on.

  2. If we do count Pen & Paper as boardgame… Francis.


Gonna push back the Q&A etc back a bit.
My grandpa just died :frowning:

Oh no I am so sorry! Much love to you and your fam :heart:


Thank you…

deep breath

In happier news: I’m at 4k words for the next act, meaning alpha testing begins soon

And I just saw that we have our first entry for the Cameo Contest:

<3 <3


Oh my. My condolences to you and to your family.


Herzliches Beileid. Stay strong through those hard Times. I am normally not a big WIP Reader, due to my limited time. But I read in another thread that you want more Feedback, so I decided to take a Look at your Game. And it is awesome. I like your writing style very much. The story is really engaging, I have not finished it Set, but I will, and I will definetly buy the game once it is finished.
The Bielefeld joke was quite funny. The characters are unique and cool. I am already in love with Ian. :kissing_heart::grinning:

One minor incosistency I found, although I said mcs own and the family of mcs husband were nice, later text show all family as Bad.


Thanks everyone ;_;

@Kaelyn can you say where that happened?
At the party?

I think several times, I realized it Most after the Party, when the MC talked with the kid about the
ability to Cook in general


Could you get screenshots maybe?

I’ll try to get it again in the next try. Then I post them
Just realized I had a save game short before, send it in the evening

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I’ll change it to “aunt gloria and her entourage” which would be true in any case.

Thank you. I completely overlooked that.

Did you find others?

Not yet, I am at Work atm :grinning:

So I’ve finally got a little time for a more in depth critique(more a praise I think)

First ( I normally deal with flaws and things I do not like later) after playing through two times, I found nothing that I did not like.

So I move over to the praise part(sometimes this should be detailed too).
I really like that every person you met has their flaws, it makes them so much alive. They feel like living persons and I feel for everyone of them.

Your style of writing draw me in from the first sentence. It makes you want to know more about what is going on.

I love the mix of fun puns and more merry scenes and the paranoid worldview the MC & the kid have. This paranoia got me totally, I started to think like them, what if this one is evil, that is a trap, and so on, marvelous.

Toast to the host: I love this one, that is a perfect way to get someones attention( in real life I would fail miserably, because my throw would miss^^)

I am quite curious what this Mr. Prince is about( his name reminded me of Sanyi from One Piece, so I like him, would totally explain the horrible flirting).

From my part of view( I am totally new to this) I think you did the inclusion of genders in a way, that even someone who does not know that much about it, gets to learn something, I really think that is great

On to some quegestions^^ (No need to answer questions or implant something I suggested, just a piece of my mind)

From reading the discussion here I take it, that our kid gets super powers always, and the MC maybe, is this maybe based on you have to decide about that, or that we get to choose or that we get it, based on our decisions in the game?

Do we get a part, where we really play the kid, or do we only influence them?

One last question. The word umlaute is directly based from german? Or should the english plural be formed with an s instead of the e in the restaurant scene where your kid picks their menue.

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