Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

Art ,snippets, scenes, characters all that goodies?

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If what is allowed, i suppose short stories about the characters would be lovely. Can be pre-/post-/during the story proper.


I agree with @Abe I think my fav part of Patreon so far is getting snippets of scenes with RO’s. Not only does it feel like a reward but it keeps interest in the game fueled :heart:


I was thinking about this so far:
$1 snippets, early access to the chara bios, access to some polls (those that will be cross posted to here)
$2 short stories, full chara bios, access to more polls
$5 short story beta reading and early access, deleted scenes, author chat, access to all polls, access to the cucu discord (maybe)

Toying with the idea of having a 10 or 20 bucks tier where you’d get some merch twice a year.

Also making enamel SPIRID pins for 12 month patreons.

I will prolly use a different site than patreon, which, by all means is 1. safer (especially for me as a european) and offers better support.
Otherwise it’s the same as patreon, just, as said, safer for users.
I’ll be setting it up later the day.


We now have a… well, not patreon, but this:

It’s technically patreon, just saver for me as a european. (also they charge less taxes)

See you there

Edit: i know there might be an issue language display wise, i’ll see to it.


Mini Bio Time!

Marcus Hayes

Name: Marcus Hayes
Codename: SnapShot
Gender: male (cis)
Age: 17
DoB: May 30
Race: Race: Mixed (Mother’s latina, father’s mixed (black/white))
Hair: black
Eyes: hazel/brown
Height: 5’9
FaceClaim: Aramis Knight
Costume: A black leather long coat with an unhealthy amount of zippers, black jeans and t-shirt, black half-mask covering eyes, nose and cheeks.

Marcus is the only child of Catalina and Sawyer Hayes. He’s a decently skilled picture-manipulator, though he seems unable to use his powers on colored images. He blames this inability on a lot of outside factors, first and foremost his ongoing rivalry with Francis, as well as Switchblade who he’s convinced is out for him.

His rivalry with Francis is a mystery to their common associates, as only the two seem to know what started it. Some do suspect that it has something to do with a combination of Marcus and Francis’ social backgrounds and even more so the unknown fate of Marcus’ father and the resulting depression of his mother.

Marcus is convinced that the hero Eclipse and his father are the same person, though his sole prove is the fact that they both went missing the same night. This believe has traces of an obsession.

His father and Francis are topics to piss Marcus off beyond anything, at all other times he’s easy-going, friendly and helpful. His tendency to pepper his speech with puns is either his biggest strength or worst weakness.

Potential Chapter Header and APORIA logo:


i love it! (since i have a fondness for butterflies, this is really pretty to me.)

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for the APORIA logo on potential merch i’ll alter the teacups, though XD

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Omg!!! He is my fav for my daughter and he has my real bday!!! :heart::heart::heart: #Kismet

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I love this game so GD much

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Can’t wait to see the APORIA logo for the merch.

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Does anyone here speak latin? And I dont mean “put on google translate and make a wild guess”

I don’t speak Latin but I know a Latin teacher at my school that’s always really excited to be asked about stuff! I could ask her if she has time to translate whatever you need to?

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<3 the “slogan”
Understand, Protect, Empower

Hi, sorry for responding so late but I’m at Skool™. Anyway I asked my teacher and she said “Intellege, Protege, Vale” hope it helps!


Thankies =D
(In case of doubt, could you ask her if its okay for her name to be in the credits and then give me her name via pm?)
EDIT: Admittedly ‘vale’ threw me for a loop a little. I only (vaguely) remember it meaning ‘to leave’ or something… what’s the root (not nagging, just being at a loss)

Hi, I’m at home right now so I can’t really get a direct answer. I’ll ask her tomorrow though, I hope that’s fine.

To be honest, we weren’t so sure for “empower” either. Just for context my first language is French and she’s my French teacher. The thing is in French there really isn’t an equivalent for that word so searching in a FR to Latin dictionary for example was a bit more complicated. I’m gonna try and see if tomorrow we can think of a better alternative since I’m not so sure about it either. Though I know it’s “Vale” because it’s conjugated (like the other two) I remember the whole verb being quite different actually. I don’t remember the infinitive though, sorry.

Also, I can ask her but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want credits haha. It’s nice of you to think about it though!


Mhn, my french is as rusty as my latin, but I think it’d be:
comprende, protégere, habiliter

In French it’s comprendre, protéger and I guess habiliter is interesting but I don’t think that’s it (you got the other two right though so you’re not that rusty!). We were thinking of something more along the lines of “donner du pouvoir” since we couldn’t think of a fitting verb.

EDIT: Habiliter could fit certain situations as a replacement for empowering but it really depends on what meaning of empowering you’re going for. I assumed it was the meaning of the word that had less to do with legal actions. If it’ s the other way around then habiliter doesn’t seem bad. Still, you’re looking for Latin not French lol.

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Empower in the sense of giving someone the means and resources (from moral support to physical things like money etc) to prosper